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Hey guys writing up a homeworld type I thought should be available for use in DH.
This is my first attempt at doing this so C&C is welcome
At the moment I'm happy with the balance, but I would really like some input from people who have had more experiences in DH & DW then myself.

Life on a War-waste World.

War-wastes the blasted poisoned ghost of a once civilised window of humanity.
War-wastes are a brutal mix of Death, Feral and Imperial worlds created when the human population once waged war on a global scale, cumulating in the activation of nuclear, bio or chemical super weapons wiping out most of the planets life in minutes.

The surviving life fight for survival on a daily bases in conditions that would be equal to the life of deathworlds in the decades following the detonation of the super weapons, and leading into feral worlds in the following centuries as the planet’s weather settles and animal, plant and human life mutate to better survive this new artificial world.

Human population varies greatly on these planets as you can find barbarian tribes living in caves and mud huts and secretive cults to pre-war military populations who have access to pre-world tech of all types.

1) Assassin
2) Aribitrator
4) Scum
5) Cleric
6) Guardsman
7) Psyker
While tech-priest might be present on the planet there rarity makes them unsuitable for inclusion.

War-waste world traits

Waste life:
War-wasters treat Search (Per), Survival (Int), Navigation (Surface) (Int) and Tracking (Int) as basic skills.
Tho they cannot start the game with Common Lore (Int) (Imperial Creed) and Common Lore (Int) (Imperium) though any means.

Iron Stomach:
Uncontaminated food and water is scarce on war-wastes and those born on such worlds have developed stronger digestive systems to compensate for this
• Benefit:
You gain +10 bounces to Carouse skill test made to resist the effects of ingested toxins, poison or tainted foods.

Benefit: All war-wasters gain +1 bonus to Initiative rolls

War-wasters start the game with 5+ 1D5 Corruption points

Generating Characteristics:
Due to the nature of there world there is no true norm.
Roll once to randomly generate witch homeworld modifier table you use for your characteristic, wonds and fate point rolls.

Career Path:
• Assassin 01-09
• Aribitrator 10
• Scum 11-50
• Cleric 51 - 70
• Guardsman 71- 90
• Psyker 91 – 00

Bring your Character to life:
Due to the mutations or adaptations your body has developed roll 1D400 if randomly generating you’re Appearance – build, Coloration and Quirks.

The Past

The Wanderer:

You have spent the majority of your life alone, drifting from place to place never able to stay in one place very long. Though your travels you have seen the worst the wastes have to offer and survived. You are likely a loner and a man/woman of few words.


Raised by a tribal group, taught to survive and rely on your closest friends and family and to suspect to motives of outsiders.
You are likely reserved or suspect of those you don’t know or are unfamiliar, but fiercely loyal to those you consider your friend.

A New Beginning:
Tho the world has died humanity lives on. You were born and raised in a settlement that has grown from a tribe or nomadic group into a permanent collection of shelters, with some sort of law and roles witch each person full to keep the group alive.
For the most part you work better in a group then on your own and are highly loyal to those closest to you.

The Weapons of war are just the will of a new god:
61- 80

Raised by cultist or religious extremist.
You are loyal to your cult or religious group, but highly intolerant of outsides, seeing them as less than thou.


You grew up amongst the assorted wasteland scum fighting for everything you own.
You have seen war, betrayal and outstanding loyalty. You prize your pride, territory and fellow raiders above all.

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Interesting world, gives some new ideas. I might have to use this if I ever find people to play DH with again :biggrin:
I hope you do fine a good group to RP with, even if it's a online group.
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