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This is a tutorial on painting Dark Green Robes/Loincloths/Tabards over a Black undercoat.

The paints you will need are:

Chaos Black/Chaos Black Primer
Dark Angels Green
Snot Green
Scorpion Green

Please do not be turned off at any stage please see the final result before deciding anything.

Keep all paints watered down.

1) Undercoat the model. I figured that no one needed a pic of this.

2) Coat the whole model in Dark Angels Green.

3) Coat the whole model in a mix of Dark Angels Green 2:1 Snot Green

4) Highlight all the raised areas and most of the slope down to the crevasse with Dark Angels Green 1:1 Snot Green

5) Highlight a little bit higher with Dark Angels Green 2:3 Snot Green

6) Highlight that even higher with Dark Angels 1:3 Snot

7) Highlight the very raised areas (Refer to pics as how far to go) with Snot Green.

8) Highlight only the highest areas (refer to pics) with Snot 2:1 Scorpion

9) This step isn't required but if you would like those loved final highlights, highlight the extremest edges with Scorpion Green, making sure to blend it in so it doesn't stand out too much. (I will soon do a Tute on Blending)

Thankyou all for reading.
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