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This has been a project I've worked with for some time now and I thought I show the progress so far.
A slowly growing dark elves army, not for age of sigmar thou. my client mostly collects and play other game systems with these minis.

To the painted minis then!

My absolute favorite dark elf minis in this project so far. Lovely to paint and in my opinion cooler than the new executioners.

Another old mini I converted to look more up to date. aenur an old model from early 2000's people got in a white dwarf.

And of course some avatars of war minis was added since they look very good^^

Cool minis, boring to build thou since you cannot change their poses very much.

Converted from high elves and dark eldar bits with the old warrior kit.

I will get back with my inventory update and a WIP of 5 dark riders I'm working on.

Hope you all like the minis! :)

Please visit my facebookpage if you like to se other projects and miniatures: https://www.facebook.com/WarpStormPainting


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Thanks you all!
[email protected] I can see if I can get a good bright background

Time for a small update on the project.
My inventory and the dark riders.

My client wanted trophies added to each rider. So I attached some chain with the trophies hanging from it.
They are almost ready for painting. just gonna sculpt a little bit on some small parts first.

Some of future models to be converted and painted

The bits inventory.

That's all for now. Will start painting the riders next week when I'm done with a mechanicum army.

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