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You have to specify which Lore to use when making a list now. Dark Lore is decent, and very easy to cast - however, Lore of Beasts is extremely decent on a Level 4 - you can pretty much 2 dice cast it, and

Sorceress Lord - Drop the Relic Sword - one attack, wounding on a 5+ is useless - you will wound T4 on a 5+ in any case against War Machines - which should be the only thing you get yourself in combat with.

Feedback Scroll - decent, but not so much so that I'd bother taking it over a normal scroll or frog scroll (to turn HElves, Frogs and Tzeentch Lords into frogs).

MR1 from a Lichebone Pennant is nigh on useless - a 6+ Ward Save versus spell attacks is fairly horrendous - it's only when you get to MR2 or MR3 when it becomes effective. IMHO, take a Banner of Swiftness if you have to take one - M6 Elves are fairly decent.

Crossbowmen - not enough of them, personally. I'd take 20, 10, 10 with shields with Musician. They get a 5+ AS, and a 6+ WS in CC - making them fairly decent when engaged.

Harpies, good for supporting the Pegasus, but not much else. They can't break anything now, and rarely do enough damage, but are nice and cheap.

Black Guard - not enough of them. They won't ever be steadfast, and giving the Armour of Darkness to the Master is a poor idea - he has a 1+ AS, big whoop. He has 1 wound, and is one T3 model, who can kill a maximum of 3 models in CC, and will most likely kill 1 a turn, resulting in 2-3 a game - not worth doubling his cost. Either take two more, or the Ring of Hotek, Mask of Eee, Tricksters Shard, or Ring of Ruin.

Banner of Murder is a decent choice, or the Sea Serpent Standard (they're Ld9 with a Reroll nearby, so aren't likely to go hareing off, but still have 3 Attacks apiece (4 for the Master). ASF is less effective now, as you're I6 and have reroll to hit in any case.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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