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Juno, High Sorceress - Lvl4 - Pegasus, Earthing Rod, Pendant of Khaeleth, Relic Sword -380
The Relic Sword is useless on a caster. Earthing Rod seems pretty useless, since she's on a Peggy she should have Focus Familiar or a Darkstar Cloak. Preferably, she should be on foot with the sacrificial dagger in some warriors, but hey, you probably already assembled that PegaSorc.

Dotty, Sorceress - Lvl2 Feedback Scroll -185

Patty, Hag queen - Cauldron, BSB -225
These are decent choices.

40 Warriors, Full Command, Lichebone Pennant -310
A different banner would be much better here. Gleaming Pennant in particular.

10 Crossbowmen - 100

10 Crossbowmen -100
Give them musicians.

5 Harpies -55

14 Black Guard - Full Command, Banner of Murder, Tower Master has Armour of Darkness. -267
Too few for that investment, bump it up to 20.

2 x Reaper Bolt Throwers - 200
Get rid of these, and get some other alternatives for high S in there. A 6-man Cold One Knight unit would work well.

Hydra - 175

Should be 1997 in total.

I've not used the Cauldron before but it's ability to buff other units looks very helpful. I'm assuming that as a warmachine it can't join units so it's best used behind the main battle line?
Yes, it actually works out quite well as a flank protector, as it is nigh invulnerable to the usual warmachine hunters.

I kept 2 small xbow units rather than 1 big one as I intend to place these as flank guard for the 3 main fighting units.

Working out how to handle HtH in Fantasy with the DE has proved my biggest challenge. The Dwarfs that I used for the first dozen or so games were easy. You marched up, got stuck in, and usually won. The DE are much more fragile. I've therefore gone for a Hydra on the basis that it's manouverable and hits hard. A 40 strong Warriors unit to take advantage of the Horde rule or the Steadfast rule (I'll alter formation depending on what they are fighting). And a smallish Black Guard unit that I intend to run only 2 ranks deep. (I'm hoping that at I6 I'll go first and 18 Str4 Armour Piercing attacks
-assisted by the Warrior Elite rule- will carve big holes in almost anything.
Despite how Dark Elves used to fight, the Black Guard unit will be too small to make a difference. They'd probably get shot up before they ever even get there. Considering the investment you put in the unit, that's just not going to work.

Finally a couple of Reapers - to keep Monsters honest.

So comments please.

Thanks in advance
Reapers are pretty shit. A combat character, the Sorcs, another Hydra, any of those would be better options.

Finally, as a note, Vaz, you can't take Beasts for Dark Elves. It's Dark, Death, Shadow, Metal or Fire. As well, Sea Serpent Standard is for Corsairs only.
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