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I've played a few times in 7th edition but I'm finding it a lot harder to get to grips with what makes a good army in Fantasy than in 40K. I haven't played 8th yet cos we are mid-season in a league at the club and it's being played under 7th. Given however my appalling record with my Dark Elfs this year (played 6, won 2 Lost 4) I'm turning my mind to next year.

So here's my first thoughts on an army for 8th. Lots of comments on what I'm doing wrong, what units are thought hot (and which not), whether I'm all confused etc will be really welcome.

Juno, High Sorceress - Lvl4 - Pegasus, Earthing Rod, Pendant of Khaeleth, Relic Sword -380

Dotty, Sorceress - Lvl2 Feedback Scroll -185

Patty, Hag queen - Cauldron, BSB -225

40 Warriors, Full Command, Lichebone Pennant -310

10 Crossbowmen - 100

10 Crossbowmen -100

5 Harpies -55

14 Black Guard - Full Command, Banner of Murder, Tower Master has Armour of Darkness. -267

2 x Reaper Bolt Throwers - 200

Hydra - 175

Should be 1997 in total.

The HS is on a Pegasus so as to increase her spellcasting range. I'd have preferred to use Focus Familiar but I wanted the Earthing Rod so I could use her aggressively.

Her junior playmate has the Feedback Scroll to mess up other magic users.

I've not used the Cauldron before but it's ability to buff other units looks very helpful. I'm assuming that as a warmachine it can't join units so it's best used behind the main battle line?

I kept 2 small xbow units rather than 1 big one as I intend to place these as flank guard for the 3 main fighting units.

Working out how to handle HtH in Fantasy with the DE has proved my biggest challenge. The Dwarfs that I used for the first dozen or so games were easy. You marched up, got stuck in, and usually won. The DE are much more fragile. I've therefore gone for a Hydra on the basis that it's manouverable and hits hard. A 40 strong Warriors unit to take advantage of the Horde rule or the Steadfast rule (I'll alter formation depending on what they are fighting). And a smallish Black Guard unit that I intend to run only 2 ranks deep. (I'm hoping that at I6 I'll go first and 18 Str4 Armour Piercing attacks
-assisted by the Warrior Elite rule- will carve big holes in almost anything.

Finally a couple of Reapers - to keep Monsters honest.

So comments please.

Thanks in advance

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Thanks to both of you for the help.

The genesis of the army was an assortment of figures I bought about 15 years ago just for the fun of painting of them. They stayed in the cupboard whilst I played 'serious' wargames and only re-emerged this year. So most of the figures are old and metal, and painted in a style that doesn't fit today's aesthetic!

I'm a bit surprised that you are both so down on the Reapers. They are the one thing that I felt had performed consistently well. That may reflect how I've been playing the army - sit back, shoot, then counter-punch. It's not been successful so a change of style may be in order.

Here's my attempt to synthesise what you guys have said:-

JUno, High Sorcreress - Lvl 4, Focus Familiar, Pendant of Khaeleth - Dark Lore -320

Dotty - Sorceress - Lvl 2 - Sacrificial Dagger, Pearl of Infinite Bleakness - Lore of Death - 185

Patty - Hag Queen with Cauldron - BSB - 225

42 Warriors (Dotty goes here) - Shields, Full Command - Gleaming Penant -314

10 Crossbows - Shields, Musician - 115

10 Crossbows - Shields, Musician -115

5 Harpies (kept for warmachine hunting) - 55

20 Black Guard (Juno goes here) - Full Command - Banner of Murder - 320

2x Hyrdas - 350

Should be 1,999 points

I've added a couple of extra Warriors into the Spearmen for use by Dotty with her Dagger. I've given her the Pearl so that they don't run away when faced by anything frightening (like they did on Friday when a Doomwheel sent an entire unit running on a roll of '11')

I've added the Focus Familiar to Juno to get the range.

I couldn't fit in extra characters or a Dispel Scroll (which makes me a bit uncomfortable).

So is this now looking good? Any suggestions on tactics?

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