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Malekith is generally regarded as too many points, but both of these can be considered worthwhile. Pros and cons, the spearmen will have much more bodies, and will generally last longer, but don't have the stubborn, and such that the Black-Guard would have.

Either way, stick a BSB in the unit, and call it a Death-Star. MR2 plus the Spellshields ability will make you highly resistant to magic, though the damn thing hasn't been FAQ'd to say exactly how it works. The only big worry, what with Malekith probably being able to soul-steal or debuff the enemy, is shooting, and for that reason, I'd probably take spearmen, though I'd actually take more than 40. Considering this is all probably better as a for-fun thing, I'd just stick him in the Black-Guard. :)

Edit: Also, another thing, hope you roll Soul Stealer. 6 wounds on Malekith is *great* for him.
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