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Mission: Maelstrom of war n°4, spoils of war.

"The Duke ambushed the armoured column with an unparalleled mastery. Wreackages and dead bodies where everywhere. Lots of slaves and salvaged equipment where to be sold in the right places.
Unfortunatelly, that particular armoured column was carrying important relics from a nearby sanctuary and the Ultramarines knew that very well. When they heard the call for aid, the launched an immediate retaliation on the field. The Duke, aware of this new enemy's approach, swiftly retreated his forces from the field, leaving just a score of warriors and a ravager as a lure...the rest would pounce the marines from darkness..."

My list

Enemy list was unbound ultramarines with (more or less)

small sniper scouts
10 tac marines (miisile/flamer) in rhino
5 bikers with flamers
5 assault terminator
5 terminators w/assault cannon
5 melee terminators all shields
3 units of devastators w/4 missilelaunchers each
1 full laser predator
1 dreddy in drop pod

The field was a war torn landscape, with lots of craters, razorwire, a small hill at south west and a hiagh tower of a manifactorum on the North east. The leght of the field was littered with 4 blazing leman russes wreckages (dangerous terrain) SO lot of low cover, almost no LOS blocking terrain and the danger terrain made by the wreckages.

Six objectives where placed narratively one for each wreckage, one at the top of the hill and another at the top of the tower.

Long edges deployement.
I decided to go second.

Ultramarines deployed on a long line, with heavy support on the middle-to-east side and fast moving scouts, bikers and rhino on the middle-to-west side, not foretelling my Negated Deployment

I deployed Slicus and his kabalites beind the aegis, near the hill. A leman russ wreck granted cover to my Ravager (which i stupidly deployed) on the far east of the field.

The whole West wing of the imperial shuffle and run and sprints, getting midtable and securing 2 objectives, while the combined effort of 2 devastator squads and the dropped Dreadnought wrecked the ravager and killed a couple of kabalites.

Dark eldars hit the dirt and shot some blind shots, doing nothing in return.

Terminators arrives! A daring deep strike of both units closes the retreat to the duke from the north and from the west, while all the heavies keep pounding into the kabalites, killing only 2 more (thanks to the aegis), while the rhino stays on the midfield objective supported by the scouts and bikers secure another on the west side.

In Dark Eldar turn, all arrives from reserves apart from the small kabalite unit in raider.
The onslaught commences: scouts are wiped by a salvo of missilef from a Razorwing, bikers are annihilated by poisoned cristals, the dreadnought explodes under a merciless blaster fire, many devastators die as stray shots take their lives. Only the Predator and the rhino with his cargo of marines wheater the deadly storm. In this, the Dark Kin secures for itself 2 objectives

The Ultramarines try to mount a counteroffensive! With vengeful missiles and bolters, a venom and a raider are wrecked, while some of the Duke's kabalites are killed and the wracks are decimated, fleeing the battle. Teminators charge into the fray, the hammer unit failing the charge towards a trueborn unit on the tower, while the other unit engages successfully the Duke and his remaining comrades. In the ensuing fight the Duke scratches the Terminator champion, dooming the marine to a terrible death, and his shadowfield absorbs 4 powerfist hits!

In DE turn, the remaining kabalites arrives, deepstriking behind enemy lines. Another storm of venomous shards and darklight fire takes its terrible toll: the predator melts away and devastatrs are crippled beyond recovery, altough only a unit fails its Ld test. The Duke cuts down another terminator, while all the hits directed towards him are lost in the shadows...
The swift Eldars reposition themselves completing lots of objectives, under the wratful gaze of the marines.

With all the losses suffered so far, the marines still fight with neverending spite! Two raiders are destroyed by well placed missiles and some kabalites are fried by a flamer. The trueborns in the tower kil an assault terminator that was charging them, but are killed outright seconds later.
The Duke and his unit surrounds the two remaining terminators and gut them. The marines secure 3 objectives with their remaining troops.

DE turn. On the west side the 2 units of kabalites and a venom clean the area from any human survivor, gorging on the souls of the dead. The razorwings and the last 4 trueborns deal an inordinate amount of damage to the remaining enemy units, basically reducing the Ultramarines to 2 Devastators and 4 assault terminator. The Dark Kin raid the field of many valuables objectives...

Enemy concedes.

With all the objective cards, it's hard to go for a detiled report. In the end, my fast movement was what truly won me the battle. By turn 5 i was 15 - 8. ALso, lots of bad luck with splinter cannons and Darklances...

I have to learn how to deepstrike those damned units Smile

The mission was lot of fun with lots of stolen Active Objectives, dynamic at its best.

Admittedly, my opponent list was extra friendly, but it was a funny game nonetheless.

"You have been good sport, Scim Maigh, I will let you live. To be sold as a slave, that is..."
Duke Sliscus, to an Ultramarine prisoner

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Cheers Iraquiel. My best unit was definetely the 10 Kabalites on raider. They trampled devastators and scouts to a whopping 3 Pain tokens! Also, i guess that moving where the devs had no LoS was the game winning factor :)
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