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Dark Eldar

Please note, I do not know much of the Dark Eldar, most of my info is from the great Wikipedia

PS I not sure if this would happen, but seeing as it 40k anything can happen ;)

The fire roared around Sybarite Tarak, the remains of the Imperial Guard Chimera was burning wildly, and its occupants were either laying dead around it, or being dragged away by those of his Warriors. It was a wonderous display, the burning wreck outlined his squad of 20 Warriors perfectly, and the smaller units of the Mon-Keigh soldiers were cowering before them. But these warriors did not wear the same colors as the others, and seemed to become fearful at the slightest sound.

Tarak smiled as he dropped into the trench where a Mon-Keigh cowered, his hands held high. His men surrounded him, laying in strange positions, one was hunched over what seemed to be a back-pack of sorts.

"Perfect" he thought. "The vox-caster will be the one thing I need to give these Mon-Keigh a reason to cower"

As though reading his mind, Warrior Azor dropped beside him, pulling the dead Mon-Keigh from the pack, quickly working his way with it. Azor had always known things of the Mon-Keigh, including their believes, this was the only thing preventing him from becoming a Sybarite, none would follow him. Tarak grabbed a handful of the Mon-Keigh's hair, pulling it back dragging the helpless soldier behind him, Tarak walked to Azor.

"It is set Sybarite, his screams shall be cast all over their network" said Azor, nodding his head.

"Well done Azor, order the squad to move back to the Raider, we require slaves now" said Tarak, running his Agoniser along the Mon-Keigh's skin.

When his Warriors had done as ordered, Tarak looked into the tear filled eyes of the human before him. He laughed loudly as he saw the fear in the human's eyes, as he slowly pressed the Agoniser against his gut. The Mon-Keigh screamed loudly, as the Agoniser slid into him, inch by inch, it was going deeper, with the screams becoming louder.

Tarak marvelled at how much this one being screamed, as he pulled his Agoniser from the human, his blood dripping down the blades. The Raider hovered nearby, no more las fire or any kind of fire struck it now, all the Mon-Keigh were either dead, or had become slaves to the Doom Wind Kabal. Climbing aboard it easily, Tarak ordered the driver to take them into the city, where the Wyches were currently engaged with the Mon-Keigh.

The Raider soared across the trench-works, the ending battle becoming a blur as they raced for the city. The wrecks of Mon-Keigh armour littered the field, and the corpses of those not taken were strewn across the ground as though discarded. Fires burned, screams echoed, it was the the time in which the Doom Wind Kabal would take the slaves they required, where the end of the battle came, the time of slave claiming arrived, which was almost as deadly.

The Raider slowed as they reached the roof of a building. No movement of any kind came from the Raider.

"Why have we stopped?" thought Tarak, looking past his Warriors to the pilot.

His answer was plain, the pilot was slumped back, his chest not rising, clearly he had died, possibly an accident in which a Mon-Keigh weapon had caught him. Tarak sighed as he pushed the corpse from the seat, and grabbed the gunner.

"You will pilot this now, take us to our target" said Tarak.

"Sybarite" said Azor, who was looking out to the wall of the city.

"What is it Azor?" he asked.

"You friend looks like she needs help" he said, pointing at a clump of Mon-Keigh.

Tarak glared angrily at Azor, before ordering the Raider to redirect them to aid the Wyches of Kaldonna. Despite his best efforts, Azor and some others of his Warrios had found out about Kaldonna and Tarak, catching them during some "melee training" as Tarak had called it.

Azor laughed slightly, knowing not to test Tarak's fury, but he knew that Tarak would thank him one day, be it unwillingly or willingly, Azor did not care.

(this part is Kaldonna's view, just so no one is confused)

She drew her blades from the screaming Mon-Keigh, his blood pouring out of him. They surround her, cheering and yelling as they attempted to caress her body, clearly oblivious to the fact their city was falling and that she was here to kill them. Sometimes, Kaldonna marvelled at the sheer stupidness shown from the Mon-Keigh, as the fell for her exposed breasts and the site of her near naked body. Another fell, his hand and head laying inches from her body, the man had actually touched her, his hand had grabbed her buttock strongly, and he had suffered for it. Her growing weariness must have been showing, as the knot of male Mon-Keigh pressed in on her even more.

A Warrior appeared suddenly beside her, an Agoniser extended and a Splinter Pistol held in his hand. More dropped outside the group of Mon-Keigh, suddenly showing them that they were slaves now. But some did not care, they tried once more to grab Kaldonna, but found the Agoniser of the Warrior to be well named, as carefully placed blows were struck and each of them fell screaming.

"Tarak, I had everything at hand!" she snarled.

"Not from my point of view, which I am liking just now" said the Warrior, removing his helmet.

"Enough with the jokes Tarak, their are slaves to be taken here!" said Kaldonna, pulling away from the Warrior.
The Mon-Keigh were dragged aboard the Raider, some struggling, others simply stepped aboard, clearly believing that slavery was better than death. Tarak ordered the Raider to hunt for more slaves, and to return in one hour, until then, the Warriors were free to pillage and kill at their own desire.

As soon as the Raider had left, Tarak grabbed Kaldonna hand, pulling her back towards him. Instinctively Kaldonna's blade came around to cleave Tarak's head from his neck. But it stopped short as the Agoniser caught the blade, and spun it so the weapon fell from her hand.

"Your getting slow" said the Sybarite.

Kaldonna kicked out at him, catching his legs and causing him to fall, but with his hand clasped across her wrist, she fell with him. Landing hard on his back, Tarak felt a cold blade touch his throat. He felt Kaldonna's body on top of him, her breathe strangely satisfying to him as he felt it move across his neck.

"Well, maybe your not getting as slow as a Mon-Keigh then" he said carefully testing her patience.

"You know better than anyone how fast I can be Tarak, in fact, I believe your the only one alive who has seens me that fast" she retorted, a wicked smile across her face.

Tarak laughed loudly, feeling the blade slip away from his throat, he heard the clang of it dropping to the ground. Kaldonna's hands suddenly disappeared behind her, as she rose up. Tarak grinned as he saw the metal fall to the ground, her hair expertly placed over her breasts.

Tarak pulled her back down to him, and was about to kiss the Wych, when a bestial roar echoed around them. The sound of running feet and heavy thumps was heard from the tower near them, and suddenly, a group of huge. huge Mon-Keigh appeared, far taller than an Eldar, possibly taller than one of the great Space Marines.

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wow some erotic 40k lol im sorry if that offends you lol. honestly what he said... more now.. lol nice visuals
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