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This is from Eblis_Dead_Forever on Warseer..

Yes this is one of those a friend was told this by someone that works at GW things. So feel free to take it with a pinch of salt as I am not sold on it myself. But never the less I thought that it was worth passing on, as it is quiet interesting.

Apparently the Dark Eldar might be out next year as there is a gap in the release schedule, I was told this would be round the middle of next year. Like I said I'm not convinced as the Dark Angels are due as well as the Orks next year, which would the two 40k codexs we usually get in a year.

GW did actually consider dropping the Dark Eldar but because of the amount of support for them as a race they have decided to keep them. The range is being reworked by the guys that did the wood elf and eldar models

New Models:-

The Warriors are being completely overhauled, think of the new eldar models in chaos armour. I was told that these got passed round all the GW staff and that they are very impressive. The logic behind the new look is that Commorragh was indeed destroyed during the Eye of Terror and these are a new sect of Dark Eldar.

Scrouges, Grotesques, Mandrakes are being redone completely.

Wyches and Hellions are staying the same with more models being added.

Reavers as are the Haemonculus stayin the same as there is alot of support for the models.

New Dark Eldar Lord models.

Lelith will get a new model, Drazhar is staying and Kruellagh is being replaced by a new special character.

Incubi, the Raiders, the warp beasts and the Ravagers are unknown if they will change or not.

Didn't hear anything about new units or changes to the rules.

Like I said I'm not sure how much if any of this is actually true or not but I guess time will tell.

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TBH the one thing i really hope they sort is the bloody vehicles! the rest i can live with bt i hate those vehicles!

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i remember being discusted by the d eldar when i was looking into a second race. i REALLY think they need a remake, (and maybe an uber tank or someting spawned from Emperor knows where.) a new awesome unit would change my entire outlook upon the dark eldar. [/list]

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The Dark Eldar shouldn't change that dramatically in style. Right now they're the ultimate glass sword, capable of destroying anything until they lose the initiative or their speed. It's a unique style, and the reason most of the Dark Eldar players went with it. Perhaps some fixing of units, fiddling with points and stats, revamping the wargear, doing something[/c] for the Reavers and apoosibly a new unit or two will make them as good as they should ever be, playwise.

Visually, they do rather need changing, They do have a style, and one that is rather coherent, but, unfortunately for them, the style is bad.
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