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Dark Eldar Player FAQ

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So I have been working this FAQ for Dark Eldar for another forum for awhile. I am not quite sure where to post it, so figured the rules area would be best.

This is a composition of rules questions related to the Dark Eldar and how we as players see them working. This is for new players and veterans alike.

Feel free to rip it apart and make suggestions.

This is the rough draft of what I think we want to post for new players and ourselves. Please review it, post to other sites for feedback or what have you. I posted it in the Project area, but feel free to allow others to see it in the main area.

Q: What is the Current Edition of the Dark Eldar Codex?
A: The 2nd printed edition DE codex is the current codex for 4th edition. Most copies have a Second Edition in white on the front cover with a Skull.

http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y159/billperkinsifa/Dark Eldar/DECodex2nded.jpg

Q: Can a Lord leave his retinue when taking the 12’’combat drugs?
A: No, the Lord is only able to leave a unit at the end of the movement phase. He can not leave a retinue. According to page 50 of the rulebook, "the combined unit moves and assaults at the speed of the slowest model while they stay together" - you can't benefit from 12" charge drugs while in a squad that doesn't have a 12" charge.

Q: Do you roll each Shadowfield separately, or all at one time?
A: According to the BGB Page 22 you roll all shooting dice together in one “volley”, it speeds up the game. So, you use the 2+ save until you fail versus a volley. Now if you fail 2 saves then that’s two wounds unless it is instant death.

P.24, 6th paragraph under "Armor Piercing Weapons:"
"...you begin by removing all models that do not get a Saving throw and then roll all other Saving throws together."

But, the reference to "volley" is something I use to help explain it.

Shooty = volley per squad
Assault = volley per Initiative

Q: Does an Archite receive her dodge save while riding a bike or a Hellion Skyboard?
A: No, this is covered in the updated codex rules.

Q: Are you able to take a Punisher on a Reaver Jet Bike?
A: No, the bike entry state you need one hand to steer the bike and therefore you are limited to one handed weapons only.

Q: Are the blaster and shredder single or two handed weapons?
A: Hmm, this is tricky. Some models have it one handed others two, so I'd say two handed myself since they look to be in a firing pose.

Q: Do the effects of the Horror-/Terrorfexes and that of the Xenospasm stack?
A: Yes, the DE FAQ stated that the Xenospasm effect’s stack. Yet you are only able to take one Xenospasm. Therefore we assume that GW was pointing out that all Fexes in general, as long as these are fired from the same squad stack. Additionally, as Pinning tests are taken at the end of a unit's shooting, there's only one test - so apply all modifiers from the wargear used from the same squad. However you can force multiple pinning test if fired from different units per the BGB pg 32.

Q: Does Lelith benefit from the dodge save?
A: The codex states she is a Wych lord. The updated codex states that a Wych lord receives a dodge save. Others have contacted GW about this and got the opposite answer. But opinions may differ because she is a special character. Ask your opponent beforehand.

Q: Does Lelith benefit from the Retinue’s drugs?
A: Yes, the tournament rules clarification claims that Lelith benefits from the same drugs as her squad although her name is misspelled.

Q: Does the Beastmaster receive a dodge save?
A: Open for debate, the updated faq states that all wyches get a dodge save. However a Beastmaster is not classified as a Wych in terms of codex rules. You would have to take the majority save anyways, so I think this is a moot point.

Q: My opponent has surrounded my Webway Portal. Does this mean I can’t bring out my reserves?
A: An opponent can not put a unit on the Web Way Portal. This should give you 3’’ at all times to deploy on. Skimmer units can fly over enemy troops since the new 4th edition rules. This means that only footslogging units can’t come out of the portal, also note that the Talos is technically not a skimmer and might fall into footslogger as well.

Q: Am I able to open my Web Way Portal when the carrier is pinned?
A: The rulebook states that a unit can not take ANY action if it is pinned.

Q: Does the Goblet of Spite work while assaulting vehicles?
A: This mainly comes up when trying to take down say a Monolith with haywire grenades. You are assaulting and nothing states that you do not hit on a 3+ just because the vehicle does not assault back. There is nothing that states the opposing model needs a WS. I have asked for tournament use, and it was perfectly acceptable.

Q: Does a fully surrounded Webway Portal still allow your reserves to enter play?
A: Note that it says in the FAQ you that you have to surround the portal, not park on it. Two campson this one and this is hotly contested, so ask before hand. However the vast majority of players believe that a skimmer can enter play because it is not blocked by enemy models, as a matter of fact you can fly over enemy units with Slave snares. Just be sure to end their move more than 1'' from the enemy. Page 70 of the rulebook: "Skimmers can always choose to move over enemy troops and this neither impedes their movement nor harms the troops below." Unless they have slave snares of course  Footslogging models can still be blocked by your opponent in this manner, and a Talos could be viewed as a footslogger since it is not really a skimmer.

Q: If a unit that entered the table through a WWP is forced to fall back, where does it go?
A: We are not sure on this point, several camps again and we have no official answer, so ask ahead of time. I think that since the WWP entry says it is treated as a piece of your board edge then the unit runs to the portal. If you come on the board that way, you should also leave by that route. If you started on the board then use the board edge to fall back to. Again, no official answer just trying to not gain any advantage by falling back forever and shooting the whole time Smiley

Q: Destructor - is it a unit or individual mini roll for the variable AP?
A: This is not clear at all. Some say roll for each model wounded to get the AP value for that model. Others say roll for each unit. Per the Wargear entry it says target, so ask ahead of time.

Q: Do Web Way Portals work both ways or only one way?
A: No rules back up a 2 way portal at this time. Obviously the technology could support it, but no game rules reflect this. However it would be nice to see since it is our board edge when using WWP’s. Per the Wargear entry and the FAQ it says you have to surround the WWP to block it, so it would seem that enemy models cannot be on it. The ruling from Tournaments I attend and GW staff at the local bunker say treat it as impassable terrain.

Q: Was the intention of classifying the Horrorfex as a defensive weapon mean it can be fired "in addition to, instead of" as per the Codex?
A: If the fex were not classified as a "defensive" weapon, you would not be able to fire it and a dark lance as you would be firing two main offensive weapons. Classifying it as "defensive" allows it to be fired in addition to a Dark Lance and a Disintegrator. If it was not classified as "defensive" you would not be able to fire it and another "main" weapon unless you moved less than 6".

The "defensive" classification allows it to be fired along with main weapons. At face value the classification would allow you to fire a lance, two sustained disintegrator salvos and the fex. The wrinkle comes with the addition of the "instead of" wording from the older codex which if taken at face value would require that you give up the shots of one of your other weapons.

What significance do the words "instead of" have? They probably are included as standard third edition wording based on the rules for firing from vehicles. The fourth edition rules made significant changes to how vehicles shoot. One argument is that the changes in the fourth edition shooting rules have made the words "instead of" obsolete as they are tied directly to third edition mechanics. The other argument is that "instead of" intends to require that one of your guns sacrifice its shooting before the fex can be used.

I am not sure which of the two is the better or correct interpretation, but would say that the more restrictive interpretation should be followed as a general rule of good sportsmanship. The interpretation that allows it to be fired with all the other weapons requires a small departure from the letter of the rule in favor of a very reasonable and probably correct inference that the wording is an unintended holdover from the change in editions.

I have used the Horrorfex in several tournaments and I cleared the use ahead of time. It was ruled the same every time that the FAQ overrides the Codex in terms of the “instead of” being replaced by defensive.

Q: How does an Agoniser work versus vehicles?
A: Roll to hit as stated in the rulebook. The hits caused by the Agoniser then roll to “wound” to cause a glancing hit on a roll of 6.

Q: Do I deploy my raider mounted units from raider base or can I do it from its hull?
A: Since the Raider is open topped it has access points everywhere. You may deploy from the hull anywhere within 2” while staying within unit coherency.
- You have to disembark within 2" of an access point.
- With an open-topped vehicle, the whole thing is considered an access point.
- You may disembark anywhere within 2" of the Raider's hull.

For the following 2 questions please refer to this quote:

The skyboard argument was ridiculed by Andy Hoare on the GW site over 3 years ago here's a copy:
[40k] Dark Eldar Characters on Skyboards - MOD-Jhorred(Jeff) Replies

* . This Reply Posted [10/13/2003 23:42].

Dark Eldar Independent Characters on Skyboards: can they Fleet of Foot? And, can they use the 12" charge combat drug?

Andy Hoare: I think a good dose of Common Sense(tm) is required here...no to both questions.

Q: Can you fleet of foot on a Skyboard?
A: Highly debatable. Hellions cannot per the codex, but Characters that take the Skyboard as wargear have no such limitations. The Skyboard is simply a jet pack, that’s it. By those rules then a character could. It is not fluffy but those are the only facts we have, but it is still hard to think that they hop off to fleet. So you could by the RAW deepstrike and fleet of foot. Be prepared to explain or hear cries of cheese or beardy.

Q: Can a character on a Hellion Skyboard use the 12” assault drug?
A: Reaver jet bikes are specifically worded as not allowing this combo, but the Skyboard is not. It is within the reading of the rules to allow it as they are only jump packs per the wargear entry. However let it be said that Hellions lost the ability to assault 12” and got crazed for the combat drugs, so the intention and fluff would dictate otherwise. RAW it is legal. Discussion have been raised about this issue, the codex stated that the Hellion Skyboard counts as a jump pack in terms of movement. There is nothing that stated you can not take the drugs. So you could use them when playing according to the rules.

Q: Can Slave Snares cause wounds in a close combat?
A: This is highly questionable, most are in the camp that you cannot. I could not find rules stating that you could. Some players believe that Raiders with slave snares may fly over close combat, causing wounds against the enemy locked in CC, and they can't do anything about it.

Q: Does the Talos get 2d6 for AP because it is a Monstrous Creature now?
A: No, the Talos has its own special rule for Armor Penetration. In the BGB it says all MC’s get 2d6 + Str unless they have their own rule, which the Talos does. So the Talos uses its own AP special rule for everything except against a Monolith. The Talos is nerfed in the Necron FAQ to be useless vs a Monolith.

Q: Is the Talos a skimmer?
A: No, it is a “floaty”. It does not benefit from only being hit on a 6, but it does gain the ability to move through terrain and cover by being a Skimmer and a Monstrous Creature. Also, in the back of the BGB, a Talos blocks line of sight. So by calling it a “floaty” we get our own special word from GW on how the Talos is different.

Q: Does Mindwar affect the Talos as it has no leadership value?
A: No, the talos is Fearless and silly Eldar mind tricks have no effect. In fact openly mock the Farseer who cast it on the Talos and say his soul is next on the menu.

Q: Can a Wych Drachite be taken in a Kabal force led by a Kabal Lord?
A: This is debatable, but no rules state you cannot and many players use both in tournaments. So the answer is yes you can take an Archon and a Dracite.

Q: When an army is led by Lelith Hesperax, the list of prohibited units is subtly different to the Wych Cult list. Archons are forbidden, but not Dracons. Does this allow a Wych Cult list with Incubi?
A: Yes, they do. If you take a Dracon you can take Incubi normally.

Q: Do Wych Weapons work both ways in a close combat, or just when opponents strike back? A HQ with retinue will strike at enemies with wych weapons as well as using wych weapons when struck at themselves. That is two units as the HQ is an IC, however both have Wych weapons.
A: Per the DE FAQ, it says that the unit locked with the Wyches and another unit(that does not have Wych Weapons) only has its WS halved for attacks against the Wyches and attacks from the Wyches. This tells me that they always halve the WS, regardless of another DE unit in cc with them. Although it has been said that it speeds the game up, but makes Wyches too uber.

Basically it says that the unit attacking the DE are only have their WS halved against the Wyches and in return when attacked by the Wyches, not any other DE unit. So if a squad of Marines attacks some DE Warriors with Wyches involved in the combat, then the Marines are still normal WS if they attack the warriors. But, if they choose to attack the Wyches they are effected half WS. The Wyches get the benefit both ways it seems despite the poor wording in the codex. So in my example the Wyches still hit on 3's even if the Marines attack the warriors.

It could be argued that if 2 units have Wych weapons it could work both ways regardless of the FAQ, but I think the FAQ says they work both ways regardless.

Q: What constitutes a modified Strength?
A: A power fist is an example of a modified strength. The Tyranid Codex specifically says that any strength increase for biomorphs is NOT a modification so a Tyrant can be Str 6 and immune to wych weapons.

Q: Can a unit that has the ability to deep strike such as Scourges or Raiders with Screaming Jets carry and deploy a Webway Portal the turn after they deep strike, as long as they haven't moved?
A: Assuming you live, yes but keep in mind some scenarios you cannot deep strike, and it would be turn 4 at the earliest reserves could come in.

Q: Can a Raider that has Torture Amps tank shock an opponent even if it moves over 12"?
A: Yes, you may move up to your 24” move and tank shock, but you cannot do anything else. Page 70 of the BGB states you may move up to your full movement.

Q: Can a Character who is carrying a Webway Portal stand still in the "movement" phase and not shoot in the "shooting" phase, make an assault move in the "assault" phase of the same turn after he opens the portal?
A: You cannot do anything but deploy the portal the turn you open it. The squad can shoot, but if the squad moves at all then you may not deploy the portal. You can take any action the following turns.

Q. Does the DE jetbike get the same assault move as the eldar bike?
A: Yes, as per the latest rules in the Wargear book. It has been ruled by every tournament I have been in to be legal.

Q: Do Necron gauss weapons wound Grotesques on a 6 even though they’re not S6?
A: Yes, this is covered in the Necron Codex Gauss entry. Only on a 6 however, one wound is taken. Models with multiple wounds are removed when the unit they are in has taken enough wounds to eliminate one whole model, regardless of whether the casualties were inflicted on different models. The owning player chooses which model falls casualty.

Q: Do sniper rifles wound Grotesques on a 4+ even though they’re not S6?
A: I'd say yes, per the BGB saying regardless of toughness. Howver, Grotesque have 2 wounds so they are only wounded. See above.
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Q: Are you able to take a Punisher on a Reaver Jet Bike?
A: No, the bike entry state you need one hand to steer the bike and therefore you are limited to one handed weapons only.

which bike entry? Does it say it in the de codex? as it doesn't say it in the rulebook under bike or jetbike
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