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I've got myself a dark elder army and was wondering what is the best list I can make from it?

I mainly fight CSM atm.

I have the beneath

Urian Rakarth
1 Wrack (use as a normal haemonculus?)
10 Dark Eldar with Dark Lance
10 Dark Eldar with Dark Lance
10 Dark Eldar with Splinter Cannon
5 Incubi
6 Trueborn with 4 blasters and two dark Lance
1 Spare dark elder with a splinter cannon
6 Reavers
Voidraven Bomber
4 Raiders with Dark Lances

Any help would be appreciated :)

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no venoms? mmh..
i'd go for 3 teams of 10 warriors with blasters and 3 raiders with disintegrators, using them as anti infantry /heavy infantry (mainly thinking at marines and spawns but also cultists can be hurted, if not in cover)
5 trueborns with 4 blasters in a raider with dark lance for anti tank. with them an archon with webway portal and blaster.
then 2 units of 3 reavers with cluster caltrops
proxy the voidraven for a razorwing with dual dark lances
you honestly need some more venoms with small warrior squads with blasters OR some grotesques in aethersails raiders.
a couple of scourges units with haywire blasters could be cool
my two cents.

EDIT: actually i'd split the warrior squads in 5 man units all with blasters. only 3 would ride raiders. three others would run from cover to cover in order to maximise board control. sounds stupid but the run fast and shoot not bad for 5 meager elves... this is to also improve MSU approach. three blobs of warriors in raiders just need three flamers to evaporate!
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