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So with all the rumors of the new Dark Eldar codex coming out I decided that I might buy some when the new models are released. However there are some fluffical (is that a word?
) issues that I was wondering if someone could help me with?

1. A homebrew Kabal name, the "Black Heart" just doesn't do it for me.

2. An Archon Name as I have no idea as to go about naming them!

3. Perhaps some fluff revolving round the Kabal and it's leader??

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Here's what I've come up with:

Kabal name: Kabal of the Bloodied Hand.

Archon (ess?): Lethis Varaketh.


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I’m kind of in the same bind. I’ve had a Dark Eldar army for a long time, but I’m just now working on the back story. I only have a few resources for DE fluff, mostly just the internet. I don’t have the recent DE codex so maybe it will have more fluff, or it might negate some of my advice. But I’ll provide what assistance I can:
1. Kabal names: think of what your Kabal specializes in, are they pirates mostly seeking out booty, or are they slavers gathering for the wych cults, maybe they love to tangle up with their craftworld brothers. Sometimes if you create a detailed enough back story a name will just seem to fit. Examples:
The kabal of the depraved madness, The kabal of the soul harvesters, Khain’s bane kabal, Isha’s wicked children
(I think you can use the names of eldar gods, dark eldar revel in torture and debauchery so I think sacrilege is not out of line)
2. Archon names: the codex names are most derivations from Irish Gaelic but I also use Tolkien’s Elfish as well since some eldar names are derived from that
Some sites to help:
http://www.grey-company.org/Language/Files/elven.pdf elfish dictionary
http://www.irishdictionary.ie/home Irish Gaelic translator
3. Archon/Kabal back story: start with where your archon came from within Commarrgh, maybe he was part of one kabal but was convinced to join another. Dark Eldar are treacherous so it may be possible for one kabal to kill another’s archon then take his warriors as their own. Or kill their own archon and join another kabal. Or maybe he was once a craftworlder who was drawn to the dark eldar’s pursuit of hedonism.

Then go to how your archon came into power: did the previous one die in battle? Did the current archon usurp the throne? If so, how and why? Maybe he thought the previous Archon was weak, or maybe he had some special talent/item that allowed him to be so feared within the kabal
Also remember that Wychs, Haemonculi, and incubi aren’t part of a kabal but part of cults. It helped me to define the relationship between the groups. For example a strong archon may ‘convince’ a Wych cult to be loyal to him maybe by death threats or a good soul/slave/whatever treaty. Maybe the Archon and Arcite are lovers or siblings or something that bonds them together. An archon of great martial skill might attract more incubi than others (since I hear incubi are obsessed with skill).
However you do it just remember to be deceitful and hedonistic
Hope this helps.
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