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Dark Angels

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This is my 1500pt DA list. Should anything be changed? Leave any comments to help. Much appreciated.

Belial (LC) 130 pts

Interrogator-Chaplin (term. armor) 145 pts

Upgraded DW terminator squad 270 pts
(4 pair or LC, 1 powerfist/storm-bolter, apothecary, standard bearer)

DW terminator squad 245 pts
(1 Assault Cannon, 4 storm bolter/5 fist)

Tactical Squad 270 pts
(1 flamer, 1 Lascannon)
Sargeant (PF)

Heavy Support
2 Predators w/Autocannon & HBs. 190 pts

LRC 250 pts

Total 1500

The plan is to have Belial, Chap., and cc Terms in LRC. The ranged Terms foot slog ot across for support and the tac squad is split in half w/the lascannon starting on board and the sargeant/flamer half in rhino for obj.
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It looks decent, but the LRC is a massive rock unit that your army pretty much hinges on. You need support to keep it from getting wrecked or blocked up.

Dakka Preds are excellent for this role, as are Rhinos, Dreads and Speeders. The 2nd unit of Termies doesn't really fit considering everything else is mechanized so I'd drop them for good support like MM/HF or TLAC/ML Dreads, MM/HF Speeders, or go the hybrid route and take CML DW squads to support your advance at range.
I personally don't think so. Chumby and I have different views on this and that's okay. Just go with what feels right, playtest it and then tweak until you find a mix you're happy with.
This, a thousand times. Try it out and see what works for you.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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