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This is my 1500pt DA list. Should anything be changed? Leave any comments to help. Much appreciated.

Belial (LC) 130 pts

Interrogator-Chaplin (term. armor) 145 pts

Upgraded DW terminator squad 270 pts
(4 pair or LC, 1 powerfist/storm-bolter, apothecary, standard bearer)

DW terminator squad 245 pts
(1 Assault Cannon, 4 storm bolter/5 fist)

Tactical Squad 270 pts
(1 flamer, 1 Lascannon)
Sargeant (PF)

Heavy Support
2 Predators w/Autocannon & HBs. 190 pts

LRC 250 pts

Total 1500

The plan is to have Belial, Chap., and cc Terms in LRC. The ranged Terms foot slog ot across for support and the tac squad is split in half w/the lascannon starting on board and the sargeant/flamer half in rhino for obj.

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If I don't take terminator armor for the Chaplin, should I equip something else on him or leave him be?

@ Katie Drake. The standard bearer add +1 atk to everyone in the unit. If the get the charge and I should be able to, then that is 41 atks that can re-roll missed hits and 30 that can re-roll to wound. If the Standard Bearer was not there then it would be 34 atks total.

Also, should I get rid of the foot DW, for more cc DW and LRC and the Predators fot Dakka Dreads/speeders? It's kinda tough to come up with a good list when units are pricey.
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