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I had two tac squads, on termie shooty squad w/ termie chaplain, one 10man scout squads with snipes, a veteran squad with a company master, one 10man devastator squads, and a land raider
The nids had three full-strength squads of genestealers, two carnifex, three warriors, a lictor, and a shitload of upgrades
Mission: Take and Hold
This was the first time I played take and hold with my Dark Angels, but thankfully we played on a fairly large table. The nid player set his nids up in a swarm formation. I set up my snipers midway through the field in some ruins and started pounding away on turn one. the snipers accounted for only six 'stealers in the first turn, and my land raider only took a carnifex down to three wounds. He moved all his forces up and tried digging my snipers out with some nid heavy blast weapons, but was unsecessful.
Turn two: my snipers smoke check four more 'stealers and my land raider unloads the termie squad w/chappy, then reduces the carnifex to one wound. The termy squad unloads on a rushing 'stealer unit and brings down four, but the remaining six stealers take out four out of six termies in h2h. My chappy and the last termie take down three more stealers before they are killed by the last three.
Turn three; the three stealers attack my tank and roll four sixes; which means that roll even more dice for AP. they end up rolling a five and two sixes and destory the tank. My devastator squad mops them up as they try to get into cover. By now my snipers had tagged five more stealers, wiping out another stealer squad. But theres still two carnifx, three warriors, a lictor(in reserve), six raveners (in reserve), and a full-strength stealer squad. My two tac squads now occupied the same ruins as my snipers and begin to blast away at the remaining stealer squad and the carnifex with one wound. A rocket kills the carnifex (finally!) and the other squad takes down six stealers, but the stealers charge and wipe the squad out completely.
Turn four: My sniper take two wounds off the last carnifex, and the last tac squad shoots down the last of the stealers. My veteran squad shoots down one warrior from the three than had been advancing behind the stealers, then charge and take three casualties, but kill the last two warriors. The nid player finally gets to call in his lictor and deep strikes it on top of my devastator squad, way backfield (no kills until now). The lictor charges and takes down two lascannon gunners but my sergeant w/ power fist instant kills the lictor.
Turn five; i finally take down the last carnifex with sniper fire and rockets. The nid player never got to call in his ravener squad (thank the Emperor!). I lost a whole tac squad, three veterans, four snipers, five termies and my chappy, a land raider, and two heavy gunners, but i was able to defeat a genestealer army!

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Nids vs an ordinance army.............. = a big puddle of goo, also, nice battle, though i hate the Dark Angels i know they can give a pounding when used right, and genestealer armies hurt like hell when they get up front with u
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