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'Vast Stasis Anomaly'
Ignore the last sentence of the FAQ entry.

Company Master:
Add 'Rites of Battle' to Special Rules. Reduce cost of Artificer Armour to 15pts.

Deathwing Terminators: Options
Change the second bullet point to 'Any model may replace all of his weapons for one of the following: Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield for 5pts; pair of Lightning Claws for free. This does not replace a Cyclone Missile Launcher.'

Tactical Squad: Options and Devastator Squad: Options
Add the following: 'Sergeants may choose wargear from the Special Issue Wargear section of the armoury, with the exception of a Bike, Jump Pack or Power Field Generator'.

Assault Squad: Options
Add the following: 'Sergeants may choose wargear from the Special Issue Wargear section of the armoury, with the exception of a Bike or Power Field Generator'.

Change points cost to 165pts; replace options with 'May replace the Sword of Silence and Storm Bolter with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield for 5pts, or a pair of Lightning Claws for free).

Sacred Standards:
Add 'This bonus does not apply if the unit carrying a Sacred Standard is embarked upon a transport vehicle.'

Standard of Devastation:
Change points cost to 40pts. Add the following: 'Bolters includes Boltguns, Twin-Linked Boltguns, Storm Bolters, Hurricane Bolters, and the Bolter component of a combi-weapon'.

Standard of Fortitude:
Change points cost to 70pts

Blade of Caliban:
Remove 'Unwieldy' from Type

Combat Shield:
Replace all with 'A Combat Shield adds +1 to the bearer's Armour Save (to a maximum of 2+)'. In addition, any weapon the model carries loses the Specialist Weapon rule if it had it. Increase points cost to 15pts

Power Field Generator:
Add the following: 'The Power Field Generator does work when the user is embarked upon a Transport Vehicle following the rules for other aura affects in Transports. However, as the field is not large enough to cover the entirety of a tank's considerable hull, the invulnerable save bestowed is reduced to 5+.'

Shroud of Heroes:
Remove 'if the Bearer is on his own'.

Foe Smiter:
Reduce cost to 10pts

Mace of Redemption:
Reduce cost to 25pts

Monster Slayer of Caliban
Reduce cost to 25pts, replace statline with the following:
Range: Melee
S: User
Special: Instant Death, Master-Crafted

Blacksword Missiles:
Add 'Heat Seeking' to Type

Rift Cannon:
Change AP to 4

Perfidious Relic of the Unforgiven:
Replace Fear with Eternal Warrior

Reduce the AP value of the Blades of Reason to 4. Add the following special rule:
'Fiery Rhetoric': Asmodai is renowned for his passionate speeches rousing the Dark Angels' full, terrible ire. Asmodai, and any unit he joins, has the Hatred (Everything!) special rule.

More as and when I think of it.

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