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Dark Angels during the Age of Darkness.

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Having just done my occasional browse of ADB's blog and he has yet again decided to tease us. :p

So after the indirect hints (from various sources, one being Fulgrim if memory serves) that the Night Lords' genocidal campaign in the Galactic East brought them into contact with the First Legion under El'Jonson, Aaron has semi-confirmed that this is at least in part true. He is writing a short story for Age of Darkness where the Dark Angels encounter the Night Lords. Which goes a short way to explain what the Dark Angels were up to during the Age of Darkness! Thought i'd share this with the Heretics!

I believe this is the second tidbit we have regarding Age of Darkness, the other being Mcneill (or was it Abnett?!) writing about a lone Ultramarine and Salamander if memory serves.
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Tht's great news, I'd always hoped there was fighting between the Dark Angels and Night lords to explain the DA absence from the Siege of terra (both the Space Wolves and Ultramarines have excuses after all).

It's Kyme though not McNeill or Abnett writing the short story with an Ultramarine and Salamander.
Sweet, Night Lords versus Dark Angels. That's gonna be an awesome story.

And ADB don't count yourself out yet, Graham McNeill and James Swallow may be award winners but you've already gained a large fanbase in BL readers. I have confidence that The First Heretic will match A Thousand Sons and Nemesis, maybe even surpass them.
It might surpass Nemesis, but it would take a herculean effort to surpass something like A Thousand Sons, I like master Dembski-Bowden, all 3 of his 40k novels are front and centre on my book case but he's no Abnett/McNeill...yet.
A Thousand Sons was surprisingly amazing but you've got to admit the quality of Horus Heresy is increasing quite a lot, I think that The First Heretic and Prospero Burns will follow on in that quality of excellence, despite my hatred of the Space dogs I am rooting for both of them, not just The First Heretic.
I wouldn't say the HH novels are gradually getting better- I still think Horus Rising and Fulgrim are, alongside Legion and Mechanicus, the best books in the series. Notably my favourite HH books have been written solely by Dan and Graham, I have high hopes for The First Heretic but I'm not going to expect it to be mind blowingly great...down that path disappointment lies.
Somewhat anti-climatical, to me, I'm afraid. We -the ''fans'' of the Horus Heresy- have always known of Dark Angel contact with the Night Lords along the Eastern Fringe, and have always anticipated a novel of such; some more eagerly than others. To hear that this will be downgraded to a short-story is interesting in the aspect of ''It shall certainly be written of'' but I surely thought this would be deserving of a full novel? The Dark Angels have not been painted to their full... glory, thus far (Bar that of Thorpe) and the Night Lords, well, I would have enjoyed a 2-parter by both AD-B and Thorpe. Two strong authors of similar talent, if differing styles.

If something as ''big'' (Perhaps a tad hyperbolic) as this is put within a short, I fear that -what I am truly wanting- the Cleansing of Olympia shall also be...

Anyway, in Soul Hunter, were there not several times in which the Covanent of Blood is mentioned ''being at Terra''?
We know that the Dark Angels and Night Lords were both in the galactic east but that is the totality of our knowledge, anything else is supposition.

The Cleansing of Olympia will likely never get a novel to itself, it might be a part of another novel but on it's own it's not an important enough battle to deserve a novel.
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