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Hi all!

So here is my updated Deathwing List. All assembled, all painted, all highlighted, all bases made. Ready to go.

So please coment on any changes you may suggest so I can improve this army a bit more. :)

Please bare in mind that I'm doing the list on the WYSIWYG rule. So, of course I may use some proxies here and there but I intend to have things as truthful as possible.

So here goes:

Deathwing (1800pts)

Dark Angels: Codex (2015) (DA Deathwing Strike Force) (1800pts)

  • HQ (325pts)
    • Belial (190pts)

    • Librarian (135pts)

      Auspex, Melta Bomb, Combi-Plasma, Force Stave
      • Psyker Level 2
      • Terminator Armour

  • Elites (1475pts)
    • Deathwing Command Squad (250pts)

      1x Chainfists, 1x Deathwing Apothecary, 1x Deathwing Champion, 1x Deathwing Company Banner, 5x Deathwing Terminators, 1x Plasma Cannon
      Deathwing Sergeant
      • Power Sword, Storm Bolter

    • Deathwing Knights (250pts)

    • Deathwing Terminator Squad (540pts)

      1x Cyclone Missile Launcher, 5x Deathwing Terminators (incl. Sergeant), 5x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
      • Land Raider Crusader (265pts)

        Extra Armour, Storm Bolter

    • Deathwing Terminator Squad (225pts)

      1x Assault Cannon, 1x Chainfists, 5x Deathwing Terminators (incl. Sergeant)

    • Venerable Dreadnought Squadron (210pts)
      • Venerable Dreadnought (210pts)

        Extra Armour, Plasma Cannon
        • Drop Pod (60pts)

          Deathwind Launcher, Locator Beacon
        • Power Fist

          Heavy Flamer
So the Idea here is to have some firepower but, most of all get up close and personal with the enemy in order to tear him apart.

I'd put the libby in the Land Raider and have him speed up to the enemy while Belial, the Venerable Chamael and all the other termies deep strike.

Don't know actually if this is a feasable army but it's what I got for now and I'm super siked to try it out. :so_happy:

So let me know what you think! If you'd like to view some picks of my Dark Angels, please feel free to visit my gallery.

Thanks for comenting! You know what time it is...

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It's a cool list, but unfortunately in the current edition of the Codex the Deathwing are not a standalone force. To quote 'Summoned To War' from the Deathwing Strike Force Detachment,

All units in this Detachment must begin the game in Deep Strike Reserve.
Which means you'll only have a Drop Pod and a Dreadnought on the table at the end of T1, pretty easy pickings for a tabling before the rest of the force can arrive. It also means that you have to Deep Strike your Land Raider, which is pretty silly...Blood Angels used to be able to do this naturally and it's tricky to get something as big as a LR not to mishap on a medium-dense terrain table. If you were to play at 2k (and maybe shift around some things in your current collection) you could include some Ravenwing to at least get something else on the table T1 and even some Reserve manipulation. To continue with Summoned To War,

If your army includes a Ravenwing Attack Squadron or a Ravenwing Strike Force, you can choose to automatically pass or fail ny Reserve rolls you make for units in this Detachment; there is no need to roll.
To make this list playable, you have some options.

a) ally in another Faction that will be on table T1 (I would also look to spend 34 points on an Inquisitor with some servo skulls to assist with DS scatter)

b) include some Ravenwing

c) take more Dreadnoughts in Drop Pods so that you have a harder to remove alpha strike

Something that you could do to get more Terminators in T1 is take 'Seth's Taxi Service', the Fleshtearers Strike Force from the Shield of Baal: Exterminatus campaign book. You could ally in a Blood Angel HQ and Troop selection along with 1-6 Drop Pods that you can cram 5 man squads of Deathwing into for a stronger alpha strike. It would mean dropping some things from your list of course, but it's doable if you've got the models and the interest.

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Hi Ntaw,

Thanks again for the valuable advice.

I thought I could go only Deathwing and achieve some success. I didn't know that part about having to deep strike a Land Raider. I also think that's pretty silly, by the way.

How's he going to arrive? Drop out of the sky? Weird...

a) I could always make some Tau allies... Gods know I have loads of them for show. A small Cadre would be able to preserve the dreadnought long enough for the rest of the army to arrive.

b) May I take a Ravenwing unit in such a detachment? I thought it was exclusive Deathwing...

c) More dreads are always an option but I fear that with the Tau, for instance More Dreads would just mean more Kills in the scoreboard. Wouldn't they be chopped to pieces?

Interesting thoughts anyway. I thought I would be able to deepstrike a huge part of the army straight on the first turn... Maybe I got the deathwing strike rules confused somehow?

Great Ideas about the alpha strike, though. I thought pods couldn't take termies...

Anyway, I'll look into it.

Thanks again for the valuable insights, mate!

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How's he going to arrive? Drop out of the sky? Weird...
This guy, I would imagine.

b) May I take a Ravenwing unit in such a detachment? I thought it was exclusive Deathwing...
You don't take them within the Deathwing Detachment, you take the Ravenwing attack Formation or the Ravenwing Detachment in addition to the Deathwing Detachment. So long as all Detachments/Formations have their minimum requirements for unit selections the army is considered Battle Forged.

Wouldn't they be chopped to pieces?
That all depends on what you take and how you play them. I habitually play dual Furiosos in Drop Pods with my Blood Angels and they work wonders for me even if they get blown away after they arrive.

Maybe I got the deathwing strike rules confused somehow?
You're thinking of the old Deathwing Strike rule. Even the Formation is of no use, with that you pick either Turn 2, 3, or 4 for them to arrive in and they arrive full force that turn (Pods included).

I thought pods couldn't take termies...
Pods can hold up to 10 models, and Terminators are considered Bulky. Five Terminators takes up a 10 model capacity in a Transport. There's nothing under the Drop Pod or Terminator Armour entries in any Codex that I can see that prevents you from putting them in there provided there's space. Heck, people put Centurions in Pods and they're Very Bulky (take up 3 model's space).

Thanks again for the valuable insights, mate!
No worries man! I love me some Deathwing. I have been defeated by the new Codex's hindrance of the standalone Deathwing force, but in the event I get more Pods before a new edition/Formation comes out this is pretty much what I'll be doing.
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