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Hi All, good evening!

It's been a while since I've posted on this forum... I guess building two armies can be quite taxing and time consuming. So much so that I haven't even had the oportunity to try out my new second army, the First Legion, the Sons of the Lion... The Dark Angels.

I'm regularly a Tau player but thought of having a different army for different ocasions. Also, if I had a friend over to try out the game, I'd have two armies to try and demonstrate.

So here is a small list for a quick game (I guess) to try out against Tau or Orks. Please advise on any changes I can make so I can tune it a bit better... Any opinion is apretiated. :victory:

Dark Angels 750 (745pts)

HQ (125pts)

Librarian (125pts)

Conversion Field
Force Sword, Plasma Pistol, Psyker Mastery Level 2

Troops (220pts)

Tactical Squad (110pts)

Plasma Cannon, 4x Tactical Marine
Sergeant: Chainsword, Plasma Pistol, Veteran Sgt

Tactical Squad (110pts)

Plasmagun, 4x Tactical Marine

Sergeant: Chainsword, Plasma Pistol, Veteran Sgt

Fast Attack (240pts)

Assault Squad (140pts)

4x Assault Space Marine, Jump Packs, Plasma Pistol

Assault Space Marine Sergeant: Plasma Pistol, Power Sword, Veteran Sergeant

Ravenwing Bike Squad (100pts)

Plasmagun, 2x Ravenwing Biker
Ravenwing Sergeant: Chainsword, Veteran Sergeant

Heavy Support (160pts)

Devastator Squad (160pts)

2x Lascannon, Missile Launcher with Flakk, Plasma Cannon, 4x Space Marine
Sergeant: Boltgun, Chainsword, Veteran Sgt

Unfortunately 750pts aren't enought to make a propper Deathwing force so I just settled for a regular space marine army as such.

Please let me know what you think so I can tweak it accordingly.

Thanks again and enjoy!

Please let me know what you think.

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Hi Ntaw, thanks for the great feedback!

That's what I was talking about. Great tips and ideas.

Let me just reply on your quote:

Are these models you own currently/have put together already to be what they are or is this a hypothetical list that includes things you haven't yet bought/put together?

I already bought all the models and put them together as described in the list. I've been working on them for a long time and am just finishing painting the bases and highlights. I'll make sure to upload some pics of them as soon as possible.

Personally I think plasma pistols are a joke, but if you love 'em then my only suggestion would be to get the one off your assault sergeant and put it in the squad so that your character with a power weapon never offs himself. Otherwise I would drop the ones not in the assault squad and every instance of 'veteran sergeant' to net you 95 points. 95 whole points! Holy crap that's a lot. I often type this stuff as I think of it (as I'm sure you're noticing) and that's a lot of points to toss on very circumstantial upgrades. That's three Tactical squads instead of 2, a Scout squad, more Bikes, a Predator, more bodies in your Assault squad...damn that's a lot of things.

I agree on the danger of Plasmas but... being it Dark Angels... and with all the technology fluff... and, (let's face it) I'm a sucker for extra power weapons even at great peril, I thought of making an army that would be very different from my main detachment (Tau), having assault units and risky weapons, I guess...
Regarding the points, boy you REALLY made me feal dumb about not thinking that way. :crazy:I didn't realize the points I was spending just to make the army look Kewl. Again, when I presented the army I was obeying the WYSIWYG rule so... hence the Plasmas. But I'll make sure to think a little better about it and add some units to the bunch!

I would also put all the same weapon in the Devastator squad. That one flakk shot is going to do very little for you at any points level and that squad wants to shoot at a few different things for each weapon's strengths to show through. 4x missile launchers are a great choice that can handle a lot of things, though I do love me some plasma cannons. Lascannons I more frequently play in my 'stay back' Tactical squads so that they can shoot different targets on the chance all the enemy fields is low/no AV.

Unfortunately Games Workshop devastator squad kits only come with diverse weapons so I had to be a bit "creative". Since this was a unit I won on a painting competition (Hurray for me. :victory:) there's not much loss so I can always invest in more devastators in the future to make the unit better.

Any chance you could get that Libby on a bike?
Unfortunately Finances aren't so hot lately and a Libby on a bike will have to wait. The one I chose is the dark vengeance one. I also have a Termie Libby but that one's for my Deathwing detachment.

Again. Thanks a lot for the input and I look forward to more insights.

I'll make sure to write down my Deathwing in as well so you guys can take a look.


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Hi All!!!

So I reviewed my list (Did some shopping as well... :laugh:) and came up with the following new list.

Please tell me what you think. :victory:

Dark Angels - Allied Officio Assassinorum (750pts)

  • HQ (70pts)
    • Librarian (70pts)

      Auspex, Bolt Pistol, Power Sword (It's the Dark Vengeance dude. :so_happy:)

  • Troops (185pts)
      • Tactical Squad (100pts)

        1 Plasmagun, 4x Tactical Marine
        • Chainsword, Plasma Pistol

    • Tactical Squad (85pts)

      1 Plasma Cannon, 4x Tactical Marine
      • Bolt Pistol, Chainsword

  • Fast Attack (205pts)
    • Assault Squad (115pts)

      4x Assault Space Marine, 1 Plasma Pistol
      Assault Space Marine Sergeant
      • Plasma Pistol, Power Sword

    • Ravenwing Bike Squad (90pts)

      1 Plasmagun, 2x Ravenwing Biker
      Ravenwing Sergeant
      • Chainsword

  • Heavy Support (140pts)
    • Devastator Squad (140pts)

      2x Lascannon, Missile Launcher, Plasma Cannon, 4x Space Marine
      • Boltgun, Chainsword

Officio Assassinorum (Allied Detachment) (150pts)

    • Vindicare Assassin (150pts)

Please let me know what you think.

The way I see it, it Kinda looks better than the first one.

I tried to get a mix of Firepower and assault units. All focused on fighting Tau or Orks, Mainly Tau.

So... here it is.

Thanks for reading!

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Hi Ntaw!

Nice to see you giving me these great feedbacks. I always learn a bit more about the game tactics as I am posting and demosntrating the strategies I intend to use.

So here are my replies:

1. Yes, you're exactly right! I had every intention of having the Librarian buffing the devastator squad for extra power. Regarding the Assaults and Devastators themselves, I was going to play this list in a Local store in Lisbon so I was obeying the WYSIWYG rules. Of course if it was a home game, I'd proxy the hell off this army. :laugh: So yes, it's as with the previous discussion we had in my previous list. I'll keep it like that and change asap.

2. I went to said shop last week and was looking for a small Imperial Guard headquarters that I wanted to build and paint as a christmas gift for a great kid I know that is loving the models and wants in in the game. I bought a nice little Commissar with a plasma pistol and power sword that looked great after painted... But I degress... So I was looking at the models and I found the Assassins. My, oh my... the Vindicare was just so juicy I had to try him out. So I bought and painted him for this weekends game (That, alas was canceled, too bad) so I could try some stuff out.:good:

Since he has some great stats and great firing range and toughness, I thought I'd try him out.

When I build armies I usually think about how they would work against my own armies and against one of my best friends who has Orks. So when I build Tau, I think how they would work against Dark Angels or Orks... When I build Dark Angels, I think about them against Tau or Orks and so on and so forth.

So what would a Tau use against a Dark Angels army? Well a Bigass Riptide or a Bulky Hammerhead, of course... Or a buffed up Battlesuit Commander... Juicy targets for a Vindicare. Also on the Orkses side, my friend always has those big Bosses with Power Claws and Weirdboyz and Painboyz... I'd like to see him cry when his Painboy has his head blown off in a plume of mist... Sigh... Happy days.:grin:

Anyway, I posted a few fotos attached of my Vindicare after painting finished. Hope you like it. :good:

3. Loved the Libby! Super Sexy! :good: I thought on maintaining the purity of My Dark Vengeance models so I tried to paint them as close to the original as possible. So no changes to Sargeant nor to Libby (Besides a Holster I put on the Libby's side so it may represent an actual bolt pistol (Or Plasma) that otherwise wasn't visible in the model. I am considering to, in the future start making conversions (For instance, a Dark Angels Inquisitor Chaplain with Jump Pack Conversion).

Again, thanks for the feedback, mate!

P.S.: I forgot to put up my Deathwing Army. I'll make sure to post a thread tonight.


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