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I'm using a mix of the Angels of Vengeance successor chapter and Vanilla Dark Angels so I'll be giving the chosen paint schemes and modelling/painting progress for any of those who might be interested. Not a lot of progress on that front as I've been ill and sometimes otherwise occupied.
This is mostly a "master list" I'll use to build lists from when it comes the time to plan out a game, but I did happen to "land" on about 2500 points total, which isn't HUGELY uncommon as far as a points limit apparently. Though I'd have to either clear that I'm a little bit over or sort out something like "Let's pretend my Vindicator has no Siege Shield".
Please let me know if I've gotten something particularly wrong or anything like that, made this version in BattleScribe rather than manually from the book this time.

Combined Arms Detachment

Power Armor Librarian (AOV standard/not blue, built and basecoated)
Normal Power Armor
Force Sword
Mastery Level 2

Tactical Squad (AOV, built and basecoated)
10 guys
Sergeant has Chainsword and Plasma Pistol
Plasma Gun
Plasma Cannon

Scout Squad (AOV, unbuilt)
5 guys
Heavy Bolter with Hellfire Shells
Everyone else has a Bolter

Venerable Dreadnought (Vanilla Deathwing, built but unpainted)
Assault Cannon
Power Fist with Heavy Flamer

Venerable Dreadnought (AOV, mostly built but unpainted, but the Missile Launcher and one of the spare Lascannons are fully painted thanks to the eBay seller!) - Might make into a Mark V Mortis if possible at some later date.
Twin-linked Lascannon
Missile Launcher

Fast Attack:
Assault Squad (AOV, built but unpainted)
5 guys with Jump Packs
Veteran Sergeant with Power Sword and Plasma Pistol
1 guy has Plasma Pistol/Chainsword
All others have Bolt Pistol/Chainsword

Heavy Support:
Vindicator (AOV, built and basecoated)
Storm Bolter with a Marine on top
Siege Shield

Lord Of War:
Azrael (AOV Proxy model - Dark Vengeance Company Master -, built and basecoated but not yet converted)
No changes that I could see.

Deathwing Strike Force

Librarian (AOV standard, unbuilt)
Terminator Armor
Force Axe
Storm Bolter
Mastery Level 2

Deathwing Terminator Squad (Vanilla Deathwing, built and basecoated)
5 guys
1 Assault Cannon
1 Chainfist

Deathwing Terminator Squad (AOV, built but unpainted)
5 guys
2 Chainfists
Assault Cannon/Cyclone Missile Launcher (Still not sure which to keep and which to pluck off, any suggestions would be handy)
230/235 (counting the Assault Cannon for now)

Deathwing Knights (Vanilla Deathwing, unbuilt)
5 guys

Ravenwing Strike Force

Sammael on Sableclaw (Vanilla Ravenwing, unbuilt)
No options that I could see.

Ravenwing Command Squad (Vanilla Ravenwing, Apothecary probably will actually be white unlike my non-blue Libbies, unbuilt)
3 guys
Remaining guy has Grenade Launcher

Fast Attack:
Ravenwing Bike Squad (Vanilla Ravenwing, built and basecoated except for the unbuilt Attack Bike)
3 Bikers
Sergeant with Combi-Melta
2 guys with Meltaguns
Attack Bike with Multi-Melta
160 (melta)

Ravenwing Darkshroud (Vanilla Ravenwing, unbuilt)
Completely default

Well, that about covers it! Next purchase will probably be the Dark Angels expansion (for a Deathwing Command Squad, filling up my Ravenwing Command Squad and one of the planes. That could end up being a repeat purchase as I grow my army) and/or a Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer for my Knights. Input is very much welcome, concerned about my Anti-Tank, that I screwed something up and which weapon to give the AOV Term squad (Actually have a whole topic about that on another site and the question still seems to be coming to a draw) and Deathwing Libby. So thank you in advance for any input!
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