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Dark Angels, 20 years in the making.

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I've been into the hobby since Rogue Trader and when I started a Space marine army back in the day I chose Dark Angels so I would have a variety of things to paint, some some green, some bone coloured. At that stage they hadn't even revealed the Ravenwing retained their black colours. So this was my first attempts

I then started to adopt a lighter green colouring. It was something I was more comfortable painting but I think now the original efforts were much better.

I then adopted a whole lot of blending techniques and sometime between 1993 and 1997 this was my last Dark Angel before I got on the wagon and was hobby sober for around 15 years

Sadly when I fell off the wagon it was to support my son's interest in the hobby and he was captivated by the newly minted Tyranid Codex [the last one that appeared for 5th Edition]. I have to admit I'd held a long hatred of the bugs for painting, too many limbs, fiddly pieces, but I painted them all for him only for him to ditch the hobby and leave me addicted and having painted 5000pts of nids I've actually grown to like them. Heresy I know but they are very forgiving, painting wise. There is still part of me that rebels from this unholy appreciation and thankfully I've started to make in roads on those old miniatures, strip them down and start them again, alongside newer purchases.

Although not the first completed Dark Angels, this was the second unit and most difficult to paint as it was coming to terms with the Dark Angels green that I had been struggling with for so long, so here's my tactical squad

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A little left field but I've been working away in the background on my Dark Angels but to bulk them out I painted a Cerastus Knight Lancer.

I'm working on Paladin at the moment who is magnetised but will be based on Gerantius the Forgotten Knight but will be called Euronymous the Fallen Knight, a Heresy era Dark Angel who was forced into piloting the Knight to help prevent the renegade AdMech order on the same planet taking over. It transpires they'd been duped by the Alpha Legion and their quest for Redemption mirrored the Dark Angels own, but Euronymous is always on hand to ensure they follow the right path.

More pics of the Cerastus are here: http://40kaddict.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/imperial-knight-cerastus-in_12.html

With WiP pictures linked in the tutorials tab, hope you like it.
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Thanks, perhaps it's all the extra effects I added. I worked on it for 5 months, although not continuously, managed to work on a lot of other things alongside it which slowed progress and I only do around and hour a night.
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