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Dark Angels 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Army Special Rules:
Inner Circle:
A model with this special rule has the Fearless and Preferred Enemy: Chaos Space Marines special rules.

Deathwing Vehicle:
A vehicle with this special rule has the Preferred Enemy: Chaos Space Marines special rule, and if a Deathwing Vehicle suffers a Penetrating Hit you can force your opponent to re-roll the result on the Vehicle Damage table. You must accept the result of the second roll even if it is worse than the first.

Combat Squads:
See Codex: Space Marines.

Relic Technology:
The Dark Angels maintain an unusually high number of ancient technological marvels; in particular, suits of Terminator Armour and prized plasma weapons. Many in the Imperium, not least the high-ranking members of the Mechanicum, look upon this proliferation of valuable wargear with suspicion; some whisper that the Rock contains a number of functioning STC devices, impossibly rare relics from the Dark Age of Technology allowing them to reproduce high-quality plasma weapons and new suits of Tactical Dreadnought Armour on demand. The Chapter Masters of the Dark Angels and their Successors are noticeably silent on the issue. Regardless, each brother of the Unforgiven is given additional training pertaining to the proper maintenance and use of the unstable plasma weapons; an invaluable skill when the Dark Angels come across a power-armoured foe...
Models with this special rule may re-roll failed To Hit rolls of '1' when using Plasma Pistols, Plasma Guns or the Plasma Gun element of a Combi-Weapon. They may also re-roll failed Gets Hot! rolls when using Plasma Cannons.

A replacement 'Chapter Tactic' for Grim Resolve as suggested by Xabre - a la Imperial Fists, but re-rolling 1s on Plasma Weapons instead of Bolters. Many units still have Stubborn, it's just applied on a unit-by-unit basis to clean up the rules. Jury's still out on whether I'll keep Stubborn overall - it does kinda reflect the DA mindset, but it's a pretty annoying rule to have tacked on.

Warlord Traits:
Rapid Maneouvre:
The Warlord and every unit within 12" add D6" to their Turbo-Boost or Run distance.

The Hunt:
If your Warlord has this Warlord Trait, you gain an additional Victory Point if a friendly model was within 6" of the enemy Warlord when the Warlord was removed as a casualty. This Victory Point is separate to the one conferred by the Slay the Warlord secondary objective.

Unwavering Resolve:
The Warlord and all friendly units within 12" may re-roll any failed Morale check or Pinning Test.

Brilliant Planning:
While the Warlord is alive, any model arriving from Reserves using the Deep Strike special rule only scatters D6" when Deep Striking.

Hold at All Costs:
The Warlord and his unit have the Feel No Pain special rule whilst they are within 3" of an objective.

Tenacious Defense:
The Warlord and his unit may fire Overwatch at full Ballistic Skill if they are within 3" of an objective.

The Dark Angels traits were pretty good as they were, so I kept most of them - cleaned up the Leadership one to stop it affecting Perils and such for no reason, and changed Brilliant Planning to work more with what Dark Angels want to be doing.

Ranged Weapons:
Avenger Mega-Bolter:
Range: 36"
Str: 5
AP: 3
Type: Heavy 6

Blacksword Missiles:
Range: 48"
Str: 7
AP: -
Type: Heavy 1, One Use Only

Plasma Storm Battery:
Burst mode:
Range: 36"
Str: 7
AP: 2
Type: Heavy 3

Charged mode:
Range: 36"
Str: 7
AP: 2
Type: Heavy 1, Large Blast, Blind, Gets Hot!

Plasma Talon:
Range: 18"
Str: 7
AP: 2
Type: Rapid Fire, Gets Hot!, Twin-Linked

Ravenwing Grenade Launcher:
Frag Shell:
Range: 18"
Str: 3
AP: 6
Type: Rapid Fire, Blast

Krak Shell:
Range: 18"
Str: 6
AP: 3
Type: Rapid Fire

Rad Shell:
Range: 18"
Str: 2
AP: -
Type: Assault 1, Blast, Rad Charge

Stasis Shell:
Range: 18"
Str: 2
AP: -
Type: Assault 1, Blast, Stasis Anomaly

Rad Charge: Every model in a unit struck by a weapon with this special rules suffers a -1 penalty to their Toughness value until the end of their next turn. This may affect their Instant Death threshold.

Stasis Anomaly: Every non-vehicle model in a unit struck by a weapon with this special rule suffers a -5 penalty to their Initiative value and treats all terrain, including open ground, as Difficult Terrain.

Rift Cannon:
Range: 18"
Str: 8
AP: 2
Type: Heavy 1, Blast, Stasis Anomaly

Stasis Bomb:
Range: -
Str: 2
AP: -
Type: Heavy 1, Bomb, Large Blast, One Use Only, Vast Stasis Anomaly

Vast Stasis Anomaly: Every non-vehicle model in a unit struck by a weapon with this special rule reduces their Initiative to 1 and halves their movement, Run distance, Turbo-Boost distance and charge distance (rounding up).

Space Marine Shotgun:
Range: 12"
Str: 4
AP: 6
Type: Assault 2, Pinning

Whirlwind Multiple Missile Launcher:
Vengeance Missiles:
Range: 12" - 60"
S: 5
AP: 4
Type: Ordnance 1, Large Blast, Barrage, Pinning

Castellan Missiles:
Range: 12" - 60"
S: 4
AP: 5
Type: Ordnance 1, Large Blast, Barrage, Pinning, Ignores Cover

Hyperios Missiles:
Range: 48"
S: 8
AP: 3
Type: Heavy 2, Skyfire, Twin-Linked

Bunch of changes. Avenger Mega-Bolter is now worth a damn, although the Nephilim is actually an Interceptor now instead of whatever the hell it is in the current codex so giving it a weapon for chewing up infantry still seems odd. Blacksword Missiles now able to hurt Flyers. Dark Talon weapons improved drastically. Stasis Anomaly now slows people down a lot, instead of -1 WS -1 I which was a strange penalty anyway. Stasis Bomb is now really quite dangerous since halving all movement is a serious debuff. Storm Bolters get three shots each, because they feel like they should.

Blade of Caliban:
Range: -
Str: +1
AP: 3
Type: Melee, Specialist Weapon

Corvus Hammer:
Range: -
Str: +1
AP: -
Type: Melee, Rending

Flail of the Unforgiven:
Range: +2
Str: User
AP: 3
Type: Melee, Concussive, Bane of the Traitor

Bane of the Traitor: When a weapon with this special rule is used to attack a unit containing one or more models from Codex: Chaos Space Marines, the weapons AP value is improved by 1 (to a minimum of 1).

Halberd of Caliban:
Range: -
Str: +2
AP: 2
Type: Melee, Two-Handed, Bane of the Traitor

Mace of Absolution:
Range: -
Str: +2
AP: 4
Type: Melee, Concussive, Bane of the Traitor, Smite Mode

Smite Mode: At the start of any Fight sub-phase, a unit of Deathwing Knights may activate Smite Mode. Their Maces of Absolution have the following statline until the end of the turn:

Range: -
Str: +6
AP: 2
Type: Melee, Concussive, Bane of the Traitor

Each unit of Deathwing Knights may only activate Smite Mode once per game.

Blades of Caliban no longer AP3 Power Axes, because seriously, they're atrocious at the moment. Still niche since they're kind of hard to come by in the book, but no longer a detrimental weapon. Maces of Absolution Smite mode fixed wording-wise, but honestly DA don't have many combat weapons so not much work in this section.

A model with an Auto-Targeter treats all Storm Bolters as Salvo 2/3 and Assault Cannons as Salvo 4/5 instead of their normal types.

Auspex: 10pts
A model with an Auspex can use it instead of shooting. If he does, cover saves taken against his unit's shooting suffer a -1 Penalty.

A model with a Camo-Cloak has +1 cover save. This results in a 6+ cover save in open ground.

Combat Shield: 5pts
A model with a Combat Shield benefits from a 5+ Invulnerable Save against wounds caused in close combat.

Conversion Field: 15pts
A model with a Conversion Field has a 4+ Invulnerable save. At the end of any phase in which they passed one or more save conferred by the Conversion Field, they must take a Blind test.

Digital Weapons: 5pts
A model with Digital Weapons can re-roll one failed To Wound roll in each Assault Phase.

Displacer Field: 25pts
A model with a Displacer Field has a 3+ Invulnerable Save.

Infravisor: 5pts
A model with an Infravisor has the Night Vision special rule, as does any unit he joins.

Iron Halo:
A model with an Iron Halo has a 4+ Invulnerable save.

Jump Pack: 10pts
A model with a Jump Pack gains the Jump unit type.

The bearer of a Narthecium and his unit have the Feel No Pain special rule.

Perfidious Relic of the Unforgiven: 10pts
The bearer of a Perfidious Relic of the Unforgiven has the Eternal Warrior and Adamantium Will special rules.

Porta-Rack: 10pts
If the bearer of a Porta-Rack kills an enemy character in close combat, he immediately gains Preferred Enemy: X, where X is the Faction that the slain character was from.

Power Field Generator: 30pts
Any model, friendly or enemy, within 3" of a Power Field Generator benefits from a 4+ Invulnerable Save. If the bearer is embarked upon a transport, only the vehicle upon which he is embarked gains the Invulnerable Save.

A Rosarius confers a 4+ Invulnerable save.

A Servo-Harness gives the Techmarine an extra Servo-Arm, a Plasma Cutter and a Flamer. In the Shooting Phase, the Techmarine can fire one additional weapon than would normally be allowed.

Plasma Cutter:
Range: 6"
Str: 6
AP: 1
Type: Assault 1, Armourbane

A model with a Signum may use it instead of shooting in the Shooting Phase. If he does so, nominate one model in the bearer's unit. That model gains +1 Ballistic Skill for the remainder of the shooting phase. Declare the use of a Signum before any dice are rolled To Hit.

Ravenwing Bike: 25pts
Changes the bearer's unit type to Bike. Ravenwing Bikes are equipped with a Twin-Linked Boltgun and Teleport Homer. In addition, any model with the 'Independent Character' special rule mounted on a Ravenwing Bike gains the Scout, Skilled Rider and Hit and Run special rules.

Storm Shield:
A Storm Shield confers a 3+ Invulnerable Save. A model with a Storm Shield can never gain the additional attack for having two close combat weapons.

Teleport Homer:
Friendly units equipped entirely in Terminator Armour do not scatter when they Deep Strike, so long as the first model is placed within 6" of the Teleport Homer. The Teleport Homer must have been on the table at the start of the turn in order for it to be used.

A bunch of changes. Auspexes are now a unit buff, to make them work better for stuff like Devastators, both types of Field were cleaned up significantly to get rid of all the extra Blind or scattering crap, Perfidious Relic now gives Eternal Warrior because it has to do something, right? Porta-Rack has an effect now, because it's a pretty cool idea that had terrible execution. Plasma Cutters can cut up bits of metal now, because that's what it does in the fluff. You can bring a Ravenwing character now, in case you wanted to do a Successor or whatever.

Artificer Armour:
Confers a 2+ Armour Save.

Power Armour:
Confers a 3+ Armour Save.

Scout Armour:
Confers a 4+ Armour Save.

Terminator Armour:
Confers a 2+ Armour Save and a 5+ Invulnerable Save. Terminator Armour includes a built-in Auto-Targeter. Furthermore, models in Terminator Armour have the Relentless, Bulky and Deep Strike special rules, but cannot make Sweeping Advances. Characters in Terminator Armour gain the Deathwing Assault and Vengeful Strike special rules.

No changes.

Vehicle Equipment
Frag Assault Launchers:
Models that disembark from a vehicle with Frag Assault Launchers count as having Frag Grenades until the end of the turn.

Locator Beacon:
Friendly units do not scatter when they Deep Strike, so long as the first model is placed within 6" of the Locator Beacon. The Locator Beacon must have been on the table at the start of the turn in order for it to be used.

Siege Shield:
A vehicle with a Siege Shield automatically passes Dangerous Terrain tests.

No changes.

When determining assault results, add 1 to your total if there are one or more friendly units with a banner or standard locked in that combat. In addition, all friendly units from Faction: Dark Angels within 12" of a banner or standard may re-roll failed Morale checks and Pinning tests. Some banners have an additional effect as detailed below:

Dark Angels Chapter Banner:
All units with Faction: Dark Angels within 12" of the Dark Angels Chapter Banner have the Zealot special rule. You may only have one Dark Angels Chapter Banner in your army - this is the only Chapter Banner the Dark Angels have!

Company Standard

Revered Standard:
All models in a unit containing a Revered Standard gain the Fearless special rule.

Ravenwing Company Banner:
All friendly units from Faction: Dark Angels within 12" of the Ravenwing Company Banner automatically pass Initiative Tests when attempting to Hit and Run and roll an additional D6 when determining the distance of the Hit and Run move.

Deathwing Company Banner:
All friendly models with the Inner Circle rule within 12" of the Deathwing Company Standard have +1 attack.

DA have a whole bunch of crappy banners that you only ever see two of: the Ravenwing Banner and the Banner of Devastation. Chapter Banner is no longer complete tripe as it benefits units who can actually *use* the combat boost as well as flat Fearless, Revered Standards now give the bearer Fearless instead of giving out Crusader which was a strange rule to give to a shooting army anyway, the Ravenwing Banner stays unchanged but the Deathwing Banner gets it's range doubled, because the Wolf Standard is nearly half the price for the same 6" bubble as it stands in the Codex.

Sacred Standards:
Only one Sacred Standard (of any kind) may be taken in your army. They follow all normal rules for banners and standards, as well as additional effects listed below:

Standard of Retribution: 60pts
All friendly models from Faction: Dark Angels within 12" of the Standard of Retribution gain the Preferred Enemy special rule.

Standard of Devastation: 60pts
All friendly non-vehicle models from Faction: Dark Angels within 12" of the Standard of Devastation fire one additional shot when firing Bolt Pistols, Boltguns (including the Boltgun element of a Combi-Weapon), Storm Bolters or Heavy Bolters. This bonus does not stack with the bonus from Auto-Targeters.

Standard of Fortitude: 75pts
All friendly units from Faction: Dark Angels within 12" of the Standard of Fortitude have the Feel No Pain special rule.

Standard of Retribution needed a fix, to be honest. Counter-Attack with no other way of getting combat onto Tacticals was a bad, bad ability, and very expensive. I'm not entirely happy with it being Preferred Enemy, but this is the draft version. Devastation is less a 'my Bikes and LRCs now shoot a bajillion shots each', more a 'my army in general puts out more firepower'. I never liked how it was kinda restricted to Bikers or vehicles. Fortitude remains unchanged because it didn't need fixing except not costing more than a Predator.

Foe-Smiter: 15pts
Range: 24"
Str: 4
AP: 4
Type: Assault 5, Master-crafted

Lion's Roar: 20pts
The Lion's Roar is a Combi-Weapon. The secondary weapon has the following profile:
Range: 24"
Str: 7
AP: 2
Type: Assault 1, Blast, Gets Hot!, Master-Crafted

Mace of Redemption: 30pts
Range: -
Str: +3
AP: 3
Type: Melee, Concussive, Blind, Bane of the Traitor

Fall of Lupus: 35pts
Range: -
Str: +1
AP: 3
Type: Melee, Beastslayer

Beastslayer: If this weapon is used to attack a Monstrous Creature or Flying Monstrous Creature, it uses the following statline instead:

Range: -
Str: +2
AP: 2
Type: Melee, Instant Death

Shroud of Heroes: 30pts
The Shroud of Heroes confers the Shrouded and Fear rules on the bearer and his unit as long as it is completely made up of models from Faction: Dark Angels.

The DA Chapter Relics are pretty terrible at the moment, so I made them more useable. Monster Slayer of Caliban got renamed because it was a silly name and got made way better, because it's unuseable garbage in it's current incarnation. Same thing with Shroud of Heroes, which is now useable if a little niche due to the limitation that it only works on DA models. Foe-Smiter got made slightly more relevant, and didn't juts give in to my temptation to clone the Ded Shiny Shoota from the Ork book.

Ranged Weapons:
A model may replace his bolt pistol and/or close combat weapon with one of the following:
Boltgun for Free
Storm Bolter for 5pts
Combi-Flamer, -melta, or -plasma for 10pts
Plasma Pistol for 10pts

Melee Weapons:
A model may replace one weapon with one of the following:
Chainsword for free
Lightning Claw for 15pts
Power Weapon for 15pts
Power Fist for 25pts
Thunder Hammer for 30pts

Terminator Weapons:
A model wearing Terminator Armour may replace one or both of his weapons for any of the following:
Combi-Flamer, -melta, or -plasma for 10pts
Power Weapon for Free
Power Fist for 5pts
Chainfist or Thunder Hammer for 10pts

Special Issue Wargear:
Combat Shield - 5pts
Infravisor - 5pts
Melta Bombs - 5pts
Digital Weapons - 5pts
Porta-Rack - 10pts
Perfidious Relic of the Unforgiven: 10pts
Jump Pack - 10pts
Auspex - 10pts
Conversion Field - 15pts
Ravenwing Bike - 25pts
Displacer Field - 25pts
Power Field Generator - 30pts

Chapter Relics:
Only on of each Relic can be taken per army.
A model may replace one weapon with one of the following:
Foe-Smiter for 15pts
Lion's Roar for 20pts
Mace of Redemption for 30pts
Shroud of Heroes for 30pts (note - does not replace a weapon)
Fall of Lupus for 35pts

Banners and Standards:
Company Standard for 15pts
Revered Standard for 20pts
Ravenwing Company Banner for 20pts (Ravenwing Command Squad only)
Deathwing Company Banner for 40pts (Deathwing Command Squad only)
Dark Angels Chapter Banner for 70pts
Standard of Retribution for 60pts
Standard of Devastation for 60pts
Standard of Fortitude for 75pts

Vehicle Equipment:
Dozer Blade for 5pts
Pintle-Mounted Storm Bolter for 5pts
Extra Armour for 10pts
Hunter-Killer Missile for 10pts
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As always looking at posts like this I was a bit sceptical about balancing issues.
One major thing I would change about my post though is it looks as though you have copy/pasted directly from the book with multiple units for costs and stats. GW doesn't like that, so in instances where you have done this I would amend the statlines to say "Same as XXX" and same with points costs if the same.
So for instance you have Company Master entry that has the same stats as the one in the book, though has a different wargear list and slightly reduced cost.
So you could put:

Company Master - 10pts less than Current DA Codex
Unit Composition: 1 Company Master
Unit Type: Infantry (Character)
Stats the same as DA Codex
Same as DA Codex
Special Rules:
Same as DA Codex
Same as DA Codex except Terminator Armour 5pts less.
Other than that you have some sensible changes, but remember you should probably include the names of the items that are staying the same with a "Same as DA Codex" thing and move on to the next or just only include the ones that you changed.
This makes it a lot easier to find out what you have actually modified rather and stops GW getting Heresy-Online in trouble.

Things like your Perfidious Relic of the Unforgiven for 10pts giving you Eternal Warrior and Adamantium Will is insanely undercost.
It is the Skull of Ker'ngar now from Black Legion (as it that is the item that gives both of those rules) and costs 40pts

Equally your Displacer Field at 25pts again is undercost. The reason it is so cheep in DA book is that it has the massive teleporty drawback. For a 3++ save for Necron you are paying 45pts for a lord. Though that being said an item like Clan Ruukaan Gorgon Chain at nearly double the cost of a Displacer Field, gives a 3++ and a bonus to FnP & Eternal Warrior to start with, but loses bonuses over time.

Your Dreadnaught has for no apparent reason got 10pts cheeper than current Dreadnaughts for Space Marines or CSM and have the same stats and options.

The overall fit for the lowering the cost of Plasma for DA seems like a nice idea in principle, but when it comes to balancing armies then it is a no no. The reason for the costs being what they are is about how powerful they are. Otherwise people will just allied detachment some DAs into their SM army for the cheep plasmas. HOWEVER having more plasmas available to them is normally fine as that is part of the current theme, such as tactical squads had access to plasma cannons in the DA book but previously did not in the SM book (though that changed with the latest release).

As said, overall the theme seems like an idea, but in practice I think this is an overly powerful swipe at just making things better cos they are crap at the moment.
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I agree that termys need a point reduction. One of the major reasons why csm and gk ones are cheeper is the fact that they arent paying over the odds for powerfists on every model. If you take a csm termy and give it a powerfist it suddenly is really expensive at 38pts each i think with a combi bolter rather than storm.
i think some of the pts costs of termys are stuck where they are because they arent going to rerelease the sm + da + ba + sw all at once. Otherwise the others will bitch like they have with the GK.
another example of the cost of eternal warrior + adamant will is the shield eternal at 50pts what is also a stormshield. So with the ss cost or 15, that leaves the value of those 2 skills at about 35pts. The other reason for the necron one being overcost is that the necro lord is T6.
The Reason I had included Adamant Will is because the item you tied Eternal Warrior to had Adamant Will. You replaced Fear with Eternal Warrior on the item, but kept the same points cost.
Anyone who thinks Fear is worth the same as Eternal Warrior is quiet mad :p.
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