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1,500 Dark Angels list, thinking about taking it to the local GW birthday celebration later this month.

HQ 125

Troops 440
Tactical; Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon, Sergeant w/Plasma Pistol, Rhino
Tactical; Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon, Sergeant w/Plasma Pistol, Rhino

Elites 375
Deathwing; 2 Chainfist
Veterans; 3Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Combi Plasma

Fast 299
Ravenwing; 2 Bikers, 2 Plasma Guns, Attack Bike w/MM, Sergeant w/Melta Bombs
Ravenwing Support Squadron; Typhoon Missile Launcher

Heavy 260
Landraider Crusader; Multi Melta

Totals out at 1,499

C&C are welcome.

Spanner in the works...
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I think that list has a strong core and nice build, but there are some changes I'd suggest if you're playing competitively.

Seraphicus is perfectly fine, no issues there. On the Troops however, I feel you're spending quite a lot - perhaps too much. I would recommend dropping the Plasma Pistols, as they're over-priced for their effectiveness. The Plasma Gun/Cannon setup is pretty viable (though I prefer Missile Launcher/Meltagun), and you have Rhinos so that seems to be fine. However, I think only two Troops choices is perhaps pushing it at 1500. Maybe drop one squad down to five models, and then grab another of the same. I know this sounds like you may as well just Combat Squad, but I feel having the extra Rhino is key for covering objectives. If you wanted, you could leave it at two 10 mans, and then add a 5 man, or a Scout Squad.

The Deathwing are fine, I'd simply suggest adding a heavy weapon in there. Seeing as you already have plenty of Plasma, probably an Assault Cannon or Cyclone Launcher, though I prefer the latter. Don't bother with Heavy Flamers - they're not really worth the investment, despite their low cost.

I see you're liking the plasma judging by that Veterans squad. I'd maybe suggest making this squad more universal - Flamers and Meltas (combis if necessary) - as I feel you lack anti-armour or anti-horde. Also, transport is a must, else they can be wiped out by a single pie-plate.

I wouldn't bother with the Attack Bike on the Ravenwing. Keep them cheap and effective. Also, seeing as you have plenty of plasma already, I'd recommend switching out to melta and making them your dedicated anti-armour unit. The Land Speeder is fine, though I'd switch it for a Predator if I could find the points.

Now, the Land Raider Crusader is a bit of an odd one really. I guess the Veterans or Deathwing are riding in here with the Librarian. I wouldn't do that. The Crusader is a heavy points sink, designed to get your close-combat elite right into the fray. Your current list doesn't really feature one of these units, and moreover the Crusader is easily the biggest target on the board, and naturally will attract the biggest guns. Normally this wouldn't be too much of a bad thing, as it would allow your other units to advance unhindered. However, your other units aren't that strong on their own, so if you lose your Crusader then you lose much of the oomph behind your army. I would strongly recommend leaving it behind this time, as it doesn't really fit your list - perhaps save it for when you have a nice meaty Deathwing/Deathwing Knights squad to throw into your opponent's forces. Instead I'd look for some ranged fire support that can offer anti-horde potential, such as Predators and the like.

I would also perhaps consider some flier defence (unless of course they don't feature heavily in your local meta), as a Heldrake or two would quite possibly ruin your day. I would also note that the Librarian is best put with the Veteran Squad in a Rhino, to make best use of Telepathy/Divination.
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