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Dark angel Color Scheme

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Okay I know I know, there not green (or green with half Bleached bone, or all bleached bone, or all black) but they WILL be my next Dark Angel armies color scheme, the one on the left will be Basic troopers, and the one on the right will be Sergeants and higher, they will still use DA icons mind you, to try and tie them in, but I just wanted something different really, I don't mind doing green but meh.

anyway what do you think, any suggestions for improvements at all just say.

And do not say its like Ultramarines, there are few colors that go easily over black lol
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Here's an idea. The Dark Angels rules are going to emphasize a more second-edition feel to them, and are supposed to reflect a non-Codex Chapter. So why not go the extra three feet and make it a non-Codex Chapter that relies on small units of exceptionally-well drilled (even for Space Marines) brethren. For example, you could have 20 squads to a Company instead of ten, and have the sergeants be more along the lines of the Captain's champions rather than actual full squad leaders. It'd also leave you free to mess with the Codex formation a bit-- you could get away with fielding 30 assault marines in an army if you really wanted to, and have them all be in one company's markings. The joys of a non-codex Chapter...

Anyway, color scheme. It's a good color scheme, but it doesn't scream Dark Angels. That's fine, it doesn't have to. I've been kicking around making a Sons of Horus terminator army to represent Abaddon and his closest bodyguard using the Deathwing rules (and using the terminator Kai Gun bit as the assault cannons, rather than the actual assault cannon, since... yeah...) and the Black Legion is certainly not the Dark Angels! My only meaningful suggestion (and kudos for reading through my cough-syrup induced ramblings here) is to make the sergeant's helmet red. It makes it very easy to spot the sergeant from the table. For my Lions Rampant, who have white armor and green details, for example, I paint the helmets of the sergeants green so they stand out but still fit within the squad as a whole.
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That's certainly a better color scheme.
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