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Dark angel Color Scheme

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Okay I know I know, there not green (or green with half Bleached bone, or all bleached bone, or all black) but they WILL be my next Dark Angel armies color scheme, the one on the left will be Basic troopers, and the one on the right will be Sergeants and higher, they will still use DA icons mind you, to try and tie them in, but I just wanted something different really, I don't mind doing green but meh.

anyway what do you think, any suggestions for improvements at all just say.

And do not say its like Ultramarines, there are few colors that go easily over black lol
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Though I think you scheme is a bit busy, use whatever color scheme you want to. I'd even suggest you use your own army symbol or badge. Then you can run them as Dark ANnels, Blood Angels, Ultra Marines, Black Templars, etc. :D

My Marine army is White with red and gold trim. I use them ad Ultramarines and as Templars. I can play any force. :)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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