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Dark angel Color Scheme

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Okay I know I know, there not green (or green with half Bleached bone, or all bleached bone, or all black) but they WILL be my next Dark Angel armies color scheme, the one on the left will be Basic troopers, and the one on the right will be Sergeants and higher, they will still use DA icons mind you, to try and tie them in, but I just wanted something different really, I don't mind doing green but meh.

anyway what do you think, any suggestions for improvements at all just say.

And do not say its like Ultramarines, there are few colors that go easily over black lol
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Personally, I think that if you are going to actually use a certain Chapter and not one of your own making you should go with something similar to the actual colours at least. Look at the Thousand Son model I did. It is still the blue/yellow colours of the Legion but with my own twist, making it Blue Steel and Gold.

But that is just me.
Yeah, I do similar things with my Champs and Shas'uis. I like to use special characters for Chaos champs and my Shas'uis are ALWAYS helmetless. It makes it so much easier to spot them on the table that way as it sets them apart just enough.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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