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So since I've read the new BA codex and the stories I have wanted to do a BA/Chaos army. The idea behind the army would be that Fabious Bile took gene seed or a portion of the blood of sanguinus and created other marines. (The Damphyr Renegades)

I figured I could use BA models and kit bash with chaos kits and loyalist kits to create a hybrid army, use the BA codex when I want and switch it to Chaos. I like the character of chaos and I only have mates that play imperial so I need some evil in my life. Plus I figure that its better than starting a DE army and being on the band wagon. :laugh: So Here is a test paint scheme for the damphyrs.
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Sorry for the poor pics, these are off the back berry and uploaded at work, the red is scab and highlighted with gore red. Chaos black with shadow grey highlight, washed with gryphonne sepia.

Thoughts and C&C, and yes poor picture quick paint job.

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Definitely like how you did the two tone scheme, that came out very well, but I have one thing that (bothers?) me. The highlights on the black seem to hit every edge and looks like the black is supposed to have a trim sort of look. Not saying its wrong or anything, to me it just seems to take away from the fact that its a highlight. I actually think it'll make a cool scheme for an army itself without the split look xD. Anyway, nice work have some rep :)
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