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ironic i was on a rant about nids last night. go nids just do it piss every one off with ya awesomeness.

avantage one no tanks witch means str 9 weapons lol cant kill a mc in 1 shot but mc's can kill a tank in one shot 2d6 pen+average str 6 .

avantage 2. take ld and phycic tests on(3)d6 that means phycers fail lots

avantage 3. did u say chaos is good at cc lol i use procsyum your ws1 combine with lash whips oooooo your initiative 1 as well(iv seen A RIPPER kill a bloodthirster)

avantge 4. there is only one independent character in there army so all those specile rules that affect independent characters don't apply.

5. your average ws 5 with preferred enemy

6. did i mention brood lords and the fact most of your assult units have insensitive 5+

seriously you want a rape army go nids they are just wow. god i hate em lol
marines aint the top dog no more since the new nid codex *sigh*
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