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Having a girlfriend that plays daemons and a friend that plays 'nids I have seen plenty of pros and cons now for each.

Daemon's pros:

1. Invulnerable saves are awesome (and annoying to go against)

2. Throw a nurgle unit on an objective and you don't need to do much after that, they have 5+ invul and FnP with a T5

3. If you go second in a 1 vs 1 match you make your opponent waste a turn

4. Most your CC attacks either ignore or rend armor saves or wound on a 4+

5. You can field two of the special units like Skulltaker and Masque for one HQ slot

6. Most units have a high base attack (compared to IG, Tau and the likes)

There are a lot more pros but those are the ones that come to mind first. Now the cons for daemons have pretty much been said before but I'll reiterate.

1. You have to split your army in two and there is a chance the half you want won't come in first turn

2. No assualting after DS so you need to plan ahead for that

3. 5+ invuln save is your most common save against wounds (unless you run Tzeentch)

4. Shooting armies are your bane until you can assualt, then they become smears on the ground (like Tau)

5. Cost a bit point wise to have a large number of units on the field.

I'd put some pros and cons for 'Nids but they have pretty much been coverd.
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