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have you tried building lists yet?

do a comparison on what you get. at 500 pts. a Nid army could bring 30+ models with at least a couple of MCs, which i would consider an advantage.

T6, lots of it. Hive Tyrants, Hive Guard, Tervigons, and Trygons are all T6 multiple wound models, and with a unit or two of Termagants, you could actually a tough list based just on what i listed.

Mycetic Spores are MCs so you can spam MCs or go scuttling swarms. lots of poison, and the nasty rule that if a Tervigon has Adrenal Glands (gives Furious Charge) and/or Toxin Sacs (Poison attacks wounds on 4+) Termagant units withing 6" get the benefits of BOTH.

game wise Chaos Daemons are predictable on the board; with 'Nids the several units can Outflank, Infiltrate or Spore in via deep strike (Genestealers can do any one of these) and you have stackable pluses to Reserve rolls.

conversion work wise, hunt the internet or eBay for ideas. there are a lot of conversions out there. painting wise you could paint up an army at an OK level by using the dip method if you so chose to.

this could be the opportunity to improve your model talents.

and as a resource: thetyranidhive.proboards.com/index.cgi

AND, if you bounce around on the above website, you can actually find an uber bad ass, in character (you'll understand when you go to the page) Tyranid Army painter:


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