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Hi all,

This is going on ebay end of the week, thought I'd throw it out here first. Postage is not included, but if you buy enough it'll be free ;)


3x White Scars Typhoons, well painted, transfers £30

3x Typhoons, sprayed black £30.

Take all 6 Typhoons for £50 plus postage.

Techmarine with Servo Harness, Metal, Painted to good standard £8

18 Marines inc 3x Heavy Bolters, 3x Flamers and 2 Sergeants, some Close Combat weapons thrown in. 1 Sarge is a DA Plastic Vet. Mix of basic level Raven Guard paintjob/unpainted. £15

11 Truescale mid-heresy Emperor's Children inc 2 Sergeants and 2 Flamers. Some well painted, some basecoated. £15


7x Warriors, missing a lot of arms. If you have any kind of Nid bitz box you can fill in the blanks very easily. £15

Mantic Zombies

Painted to good tabletop standard, 30 on round resin bases (was using as Plaguebearers/Cultists in 40k) and about 50 on square bases. Includes 2x metal command dudes with whips. £15 for the round bases. £20 for the square bases.


3x Soul Grinders. £20 each. Buy all of them for £50 with free postage (they're a pain to box up).

10x Plastic Hounds on Resin bases. £10

10x Seekers on Resin bases. £15

1x Plastic Winged DP with magnetised wings on resin base. Basecoated blue. £15

1x Metal DP, converted with Wyvern Wings, Resin base. Well painted in purple and bone scheme. £18

6x Crypt Horrors on resin bases, used as Beasts of Nurgle. £30

9x Fiends (riderless seekers, added Daemonette claws) on resin bases. £20

Take the entire Daemon collection including the round based Mantic zombies off my hands and it's yours for £120 plus postage.


1x Skaven Assassin, Metal, in blister. £3 plus postage.

1 Unit of Wracks, 10 members, including Haemonculus, made up of Cryx figures from Warmachine. £10

10x CSM Raptors, 2x Meltaguns, each with claw and bolt pistol. Basecoated. £15

10+ Chaos terminators with various weapons, ask if interested. £1-2 each plus postage.

20x DV Cultists, Alpha Legion scheme. £15

Helbrute/Chosen/Lord from DV. Sprayed. Add a couple of quid onto any other purchase and I'll throw them in.

Buy the entire CSM lot for £50 with free postage.

Ask for pics, or with any questions! Will ship international, but it'll cost more in P&P.


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2 Ghost Arks
1 Doomsday Ark
3 Crypteks
Imotekh and Trazyn
18 Immortals that can be assembled as any combination of Lychguard/Gauss/Tesla/Deathmarks etc
Triarch Stalker
Giant Bitz box from about 10,000pts of Necrons

You can have the whole thing for £100


9x Crisis Suits, magnetised weapons.
10x Pathfinders with Carbines
2x Devilfish
1x Hammerhead with extra Skyray turret
10x Stealthsuits
60x Fire Warriors

Whole thing £200. Some very well painted.

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I've essentially lost faith in 40k's potential to ever be a competitive game again. I'm keeping my Eldar and Raven Guard, but getting rid of literally everything else.

Gives me more cash to invest in X-Wing. :grin:

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Round based:

All the square based ones are the yellow/purple style ones, I was repainting them green/brown and then the numbers defeated me :p

I dropped £145 on Scum and regret nothing!

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Posted LOADS of stuff on ebay tonight, will end Sunday next week. Chaos, Daemons, and others. Seller name is sethis87 and it's all 99p starts with no reserve.
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