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Daemons win the NWGT

So normally I lurk around the forum, appearing every now and again to impart (impose?) my opinions regarding mono Nurgle and Daemonic Cav lists, however its probably high time I talk about what I do. So this weekend was the NWGT in Warrington and I thought I would put up some brief batreps of my games:

My List for the weekend was:

Great Unclean One: Cloud of Flies and Breath of Chaos
x2 Tzeentch Heralds: Chariots, Bolt of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery, We Are Legion
x2 units of 6 Fiends: Might
5 Blood Crushers: Icon, Instrument, Fury of Khorne
x3 units of 5 Plaguebearers
10 Flesh Hounds: Fury of Khorne
5 Screamers
Total = 1,500

Game 1: 5 Objectives and Spearhead -v- David McMillan's Tau (a fellow Scot).

Crisis Commander: Plasma gun, Missile Pods, Shield Drones
x2 units of 3 Crisis Suits: Plasma Guns, Missile Pods, Shield Drones
10 Firewarriors
x2 10 Kroot + 5 Hounds
10 Pathfinders + Devilfish
Hammerhead: Ion Cannon, Burst Cannons
3 Broadsides: A.S.S, Shield Drones

David is a top guy but has only really being playing 40k for about 18 months and a tourneys for about 6 so I had the experience over him, plus his Tau army is always going to struggle against such a fast and aggressive Daemon list. It was very brutal and very bloody but David is a true gent and took the loss with a smile.

End result: Win and 1500 vps.

Game 2: Kill Points and Dawn of War -v- Alex West's Space Wolves (yes the English ETC Captain himself)

x2 Rune Priests
Lone Wolf: Terminator Armour, Storm Shield, Chainfist
3 Wolf Guard: Powerfists, Combi Melta Guns
x3 Units of 8 Grey Hunters: Power Fists, Melta Guns, Power Weapons, Wolf Standards + Rhino's
5 Grey Hunters: Melta Gun, Wolf Standard + Twin Lascannon Razorback
x3 6 Long Fangs: Missile Launchers and Lascannons

I've known Alex for years and overall he has always had a rough time against me, but in our past 2 meetings he has come out on top in both so he was feeling quite confident I believe. The game started well for him with my scatters bringing me too close to his base line allowing his pups to walk on a rapid fire my Hound and 1 Fiends unit to near death. He then charged his Lone Wolf (Terminator Armour, Storm Shield, Chainfist) into my Great Unclean One with a plan to hold him in combat until the end of my next turn before Jaws'ing him into a hole. I scored 2 wounds and Alex double 1'd both his saves. This freed up my Great Unclean One to fire Breath of Chaos at 2 of his big clmuped together Grey Hunter squads qith me killing 11 Space Wolves and wounding both Priests. The game rapidly went downhill from there and Alex was never able to recover.

End result: I gave up 1 Kill point and tabled his whole army for another 1500vps

Game 3: Home & Away and Pitched Battle -v- Martin Ramsden's Marines

Librarian: Terminator Armour, Storm Shield
5 Assault Terminators
Dreadnought: 2 Autocannons
Dreadnought: Plasmacannon, Missile Launcher
10 Tactical Marines: Melta Gun, Missile Launcher, Power Fist, Combi Melta + Rhino
5 Scouts: Bolters, Combi Melta
Landspeeder: Multi Melta
x2 Predators: Autocannon, Lascannons
Land Raider: Multi Melta, Extra Armour

I've known Martin for a few years, he plays in Chester, but have never had the chance to play him. The game started well with Martin going for both my baits/lures: the first was a Plaguebearer squad positioned out on a flank but tantalisingly near his Landraider full of Assault Terminators and a Null Zone Librarian. He went for them but that effectively drew his Deathstar away from the main battle for 3 turns. The other bait was he had 2 shooty dreads with NO CCW's beside his home objective, so I landed and ran my crushers towards them. He took the bait and charged, which was a mistake as without powerfists the dreads couldn't really hurt the Crushers, which meant all his AP1,2 & 3 guns (there was a lot) couldn't shoot the Crushers and so I ended up with an Icon right beside his objective. In the end he managed to kill 2 of my Plaguebearer units due to some appalling Inv saves on my part but with an Icon by his home obejctive and the Landraider Terminators drawn away I was able to deal with his army, before his deathstar could return.

End result: 1-0 to me and 1400vps (only 1 assault terminator survived).

Game 4: 5 Objectives and Dawn of War -v- Liam Young's Battlewagon Orks.

Big Mek: KFF
15 Lootas
10 Burnas
x2 units of 17 Choppa Boyz: Power Fist, Boss Pole
10 Choppa Boyz: Power Fist, Boss Pole
x3 Battlewagons: Deff Rollas, Big Shoota, Armour Plates, Grot Riggas, Boarding Plank, Grabbing Klaw

I've played Battlewagons more than enough times to know what I have to do to try and beat them. Everything pretty much went according to plan, at one point I got very unlucky with my Crushers failing every single 3+ save they had to make from 27 slugga shots reducing them down to 2 guys on 1 wound each. But then in combat I saw off 27 Orks (1 unit of 17 and 1 of 10) without reply, breaking and chasing down both. Apart from that my Cav and Chariots did what they where meant to do, taking out his wagons first and foremost therefore slowing his whole army down to a crawl. Which when coupled with the fact the objectives where spread really far apart meant he didn't have enough time to claim/contest them.

End result: 2-0 to me and 1275vps (only his 15 Lootas survived - which I ignored all game)

Game 5: Home & Away and Spearhead -v- Josh Robets's Battle Wagon Orks (yes the 'infamous' Josh and his wagons of all conquering doom)

Big Mek: KFF
10 Burnas
5 Mega Nobz: 4 Kombi Skorchas
x2 units of 17 Choppa Boyz: Power Fist, Boss Pole
10 Grots
x3 Battlewagons: Deff Rollas, Big Shoota, Armour Plates, Stikk Bomb Launchers, Boarding Plank, Grabbing Klaw

I knew this was going to be a tough one as Josh is one of the best players around and his Battle Wagons are by far his best army. Things started very poorely with some rubbish runs all round leaving my Cav units clumped together for his Burnas and Combi Scorchas. At one point I scored 20 hits on his mega nobz who had charged 6 Fiends, but only a single rend and Josh passed 16 out of 16 saves....! This was the tone of the game up until turn 4... even my Great Unclean One fighting a mere 11 Orks took 7 rounds of combat to get rid of them (I kept only getting 1 hit out of 4 attacks)!!!! Turn 4 and finally my Crushers and last 2 Plaguebearer units show up on my home obejective. Nearby is 3 Battlewagons, 1 with Ghazgul and a KFF Mek in. I balls out and charge 4 screamers into 2 Wagons, and despite needing 6's to hit I score 3 hits and blow one up, immobilising the second. Big G jumps into the last wagon and storms to my objective on Josh's turn 5 to contest it. My Crushers charge and again despite needing 6's I score enough hits to get a few penetrating rolls and blow the wagon up and Ghazgul is too far away to contest. However the game continues, Ghazgul and the Big Mek charge my crushers and after taking 5 wounds from the Deffroller in the previous turn I got badly mauled and was left with 2 Crushers on 1 wound each, but I had managed to bring Ghazgul down to 1 wound in return. My 6th Turn I charge all my PB's into help the last 2 Crushers and manage to take out Ghazgul, which causes the big Mek who was also in combat to flee and I regain my objective.

End Result: 1-1 and 1015vps.

Game 6: Kill Points and Pitched Battle -v- Paul Turner's Guard

Command Squad: 4 Flamers
Sly Marbo
Infantry Platoon: Command Squad with Auto Cannon, x2 Infantry Squads with Autocannons and Commissar, Heavy Weapon Squad with Autocannons
x3 units of 10 Veterans with 3 Melta Guns + Chimera's
Demolisher: Plasmacannons, Lascannon

Paul said he was new to tourneys, with this being only his 3rd ever. However he must be a good player to be on table 1 against me in the last round. Unfortunately for Paul Kill Points is the best possible match up for Daemons and my dice where nigh on untouchable in this game. It started very well with my chosen wave arriving, and the Great Unclean One taking position very close to the flank of his army. Paul did what most people do when presented with a Great Unclean One in such a position and went for it over my much more powerful Fiends & Hounds. It took him 2 whole rounds of shooting with his ENTIRE Guard army to kill the Great Unclean One. By which time his job was done and my Cav were all amongst his army blowing up tanks and chopping up Guardsmen all over the place. By the end of my 3rd turn I had scored more killpoints off Paul than I physically had in my own army. He was looking quite downcast at this point, he just didn't appreciate how powerful Daemonic Cav is against Mech Guard, and so I offered to call it a game.

End Result: monster win to me with only his Valkyrie left after turn 3 = 1400vps.

So at the end of the weekend I had scored a ridiculous 8,090/9,000 Vps winning me most Blood Thirsty General AND 1st place overall, even without my 'infamous' dice which I had left in York (so had to borrow some all weekend).


Thanks again to all 6 of my opponents for some really good games.

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Cheers dude! Just remember to pm me if you want to pester me as I am rubbish at noticing requests on the forum.

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We've would have loved some pictures of the rounds ;)

Cause I am only just starting out and would be nice to see how you move your army around on the table and so, and ofc just to lurk more :)
Sorry I was too busy enjoying Guiness at £1.50 a pint (I had 6 in game 4 alone ;)).

Congrats on the win. From the batreps it looks as if the Daemons got what they need - opponents who are there to fight not skit about shooting from the sidelines (ie pointy eared Eldar).
Actually heavy Cav Daemons love Mech Eldar for the same reason they love all Mech armies. That much S5 multi attack charging 19-24" a turn is going to be a nightmare even for them.

Can I just clarify one thing? In the game against the second Ork player you mention charging with Screamers. Did you use these or was it a unit of Fiends?
No it was 4 Screamers (one had died) that charged into 2 Battle Wagons and scored 3 6's out of 4 dice to hit them. Yes it was VERY lucky but if you don't try you won't win, and it balanced out all my previous bad dice in the round nicely.

I think I recall you using a very neat army with lots of unique models built from GW bits. Did you do the same for this tourney or did you stick with the GW models?
Nope same Nurgle themed Techno Daemon army that I have been using for over 2 years now. I also got another best army nomination this weekend which always makes me happy.

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I've referenced your batreps a couple of times recently in a discussion about how armies can be both focussed and balanced - you don't need all your units to be CC monsters for example to have a list that is CC focussed, the army often needs some fire support and distraction units as well.

So I've added some rep for the reports - not that you need it!

Cheers dude! Yeah I have this big thing about balancing a list for tournament play over going for an extreme list.

would love to see your army. By the sounds of it your army is pretty sweet
Here you go:

There are loads more pics and models for that matter but I think this has given my ego more than enough pleasure for one night.
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