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Daemonhunters QQ?

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my friend is wanting to play the Daemonhunters but the book i found for them seems very old compared to 5th Edition, and GW doesn't have the DH's Codex posted on their site, is there a new book for the Daemonhunters?
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Current rumours are that GK (NOT DH) will be updated early next year.
Codex: Daemonhunters; lite does not include the allies rules, relative GK rules and even forgets to include the FOC chart for the army.
(In addition to removing ALL credits and publication details for art/writing and so on. This is usually considered a no-no as well).
The downloadable 'codex-lite' does not trump the older printed copy of the codex. It is entirely possible that two DH players will be playing their armies using two different codices and with the differences/limitations inherent to each.
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