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It says that if Daemonhosts are taken, I can't use Grey Knights. Do Dreadnoughts/Land Raiders count as Grey Knights for this?
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You can do that in Apoc, but its not really in the "spirit" of the game. Army mixes in Apoc should make sense fluff wise, so if you can come up with a reason than its okie, but shouldn't be just put together for the sake of it being totally awesome. If you did use a radical inquisitor with demonhosts I would add something about the inquisitor not being to benefit from any greyknight abilities and vice versa or that if a greyknight unit is within a certain distance of the demonhost there is a chance that they will attack that unit instead.
I'm pretty sure an imminent attack on an inquisition stronghold or some other dire threat to the race of humanity (of which many abound) would be sufficient reason for the 2 to work together. A threat that will annihilate 2 squabbling parties generally is enough for those parties to work together against it to ensure their survival. This seems to be the general blanket story behind many apoc games anyhow.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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