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It says that if Daemonhosts are taken, I can't use Grey Knights. Do Dreadnoughts/Land Raiders count as Grey Knights for this?
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Yes unless you are counting the Land Raider which is taken as a transport for the Inquisitor. This is why there is a seperate Land Raider entry on page 30 as a transport.

All other Land Raiders (Crusaders included) as well as the Dreadnought are listed as "Grey Knight" Land Raider/Crusader/Dreadnought and are crewed by Grey Knights. In addition the Land Raiders, Crusaders, and Dreadnoughts may only be included in your force if a Grey Knight Hero is in your force which doubley makes it so you cannot have them and a Daemonhost. Please see the nice little box on the left hand side of page 32 for proof.

Again to make it simple...
Land Raider as a transport for an Inquisitor Lord + Retinue does not count as Grey Knight and you may still have a Daemonhost.
All the Heavy Support Option Land Raiders/Crusaders/Dreadnoughts DO count as Grey Knight and may not be included in a force with a Daemonhost.

Sorry. :sad:
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Anytime and again Im sorry it wasnt the answer you were looking for.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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