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Daemon Summoning and Allys

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I've recently started an astra militarium army and I'm curious.... Would summoning daemons via maelific daemonology make them count as astra militarium or daemons for purposes of ally rules? aka, are they battle brothers or come the apocalypse?

I haven't found anything on the forums that touches this though I only skimmed. If it's already been answered, could someone just direct me to that post?
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If you want "Codex Traitor Guard" you will need to find Imperial Armour books 5-7 I think. Each contain Chaos Renegades of some form or another.
Also remember a lot of there stuff is effectively the old imperial guard book from back in the day (5th edition).

Here is the FW Renegades and Heretics from book 5 as an update from the forgeworld site.

with update to the psyker found here

Book 6 had some Khorne stuff

Book 7 has some Nurgle bits like
Plague Marine Exalted Champions as leaders (basically half way between a plague marine and a lord)
Mutant Rabble (kinda like conscripts)
Plague Zombie Horde (very low point guys with S4 and melee, but always class as moving in difficult terrain with FNP)
Plague Marines
Chaos Spawn
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Well the first link is just generic renegades stuff. So could actually be Tzeentch / Slaanesh. The trouble is they don't get Thousand Sons or a nice Sorcerer to lead them.
Of course they have Alpha Legion guys if they want them, but they don't have to :) or just say they are Tzeentch in your own head :p.
But in either case they can ally that bit easier to Daemons and CSM than AM can :)
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