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Daemon Summoning and Allys

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I've recently started an astra militarium army and I'm curious.... Would summoning daemons via maelific daemonology make them count as astra militarium or daemons for purposes of ally rules? aka, are they battle brothers or come the apocalypse?

I haven't found anything on the forums that touches this though I only skimmed. If it's already been answered, could someone just direct me to that post?
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Also, if using IG to summon daemons, the Wyrdvanes are your best bet due to Brotherhoof of Psykers. Generally, when you peril, you will only lose one member of the squad so still have a useful summoning unit. Primaris aren't too bad, since they do have two wounds and can usually survive at least one perils.
Ahhh, i am going to have to disagree. The summoned demons are not taking an allied detachtment slot so i believe they dont qualify as an ally. They are the result of a spell. CtA only applies when fielding an army ie allied, or unbound. That is how i come to understand it.
That's what I originally thought as well, but check the phrasing on the allies chart. Seems to apply to any unit, regardless of how they come to be in your army. I'll get to my book later and post the actual text if necessary.
Basically, the label "Allies Matrix" is, IMO, a misnomer as it has nothing whatsoever to do with Allied Detachments.

Page 126:
"You can include models from any number of different Factions in the same army if you wish. Irrespective of the method you use to choose your army, this section tells you how models from different Factions fight alongside each other."

Skip a fluff paragraph, then:
"To represent this, we have several categories of alliances, each of which imposes certain effects on the game. The Allies Matrix below shows the level of alliance between units that have different Factions in the same army."

Highlighted the key parts where it says that these are rules for models/units. The Allies Matrix never mentions detachments, neither CAD or Allied nor does it mention Unbound. By using units and models, it covers both of those, as well as summoned units.
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