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Daemon Summoning and Allys

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I've recently started an astra militarium army and I'm curious.... Would summoning daemons via maelific daemonology make them count as astra militarium or daemons for purposes of ally rules? aka, are they battle brothers or come the apocalypse?

I haven't found anything on the forums that touches this though I only skimmed. If it's already been answered, could someone just direct me to that post?
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Guess I can't wait till they finally release a codex for traitor guard then.
Not really trying to be super competitive, I just enjoy the fluff of a traitor guard without using IA. I prefer Tzeentch over Khorne or Nurgle.
Yes, I'm aware of those codex traitor guard army's, as I said before though, Tzeentch is my homeboy.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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