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Attacker-Imperial guard

Set up- The ork player sets up a camp with a small prison cell containg 12 prisoners in the center 12 inches from the board edges.

Night time- All units must roll to see how far they can see in the dark nightime. Roll 2 D6 each turn for both players to see how far they can see for shooting purposes.

Ambush-The orks are unaware their human captives are being freed. All imperial forces can deploy 6 inches from the ork base. All ork Units except sentinels are "asleep" in their tents. Represent this by putting all ork units within 2 inches of a tent or biulding.

Sentinels- A group of orks are positioned on the rubble-like walls. Any Imperial Guard unit that comes within 5 inches of an ork sentinel or shoots at an ork sentinel but fails to kill him, raises the alarm and all ork units may start moving from their tents or buildings.

Victory conditions- If the imperial player is able to retrieve 6 prisoners from the cell and get them to the board edge it is an Imperial Victory. If the orks are able to keep the Imperial Guard from rescuing 6 prisoners it is an ork victory.

Game length-8 turns.

Suggested points- 1000-2000 points.

If you feel you can help this scenario out please comment or mail me.
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