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Da Projekt

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In true Orky spirit I have decided to design and build my own battlewagon from scratch, it uses roughly the same 'bounding box' as a landraider does, I am in the process of designing modular bolt-ons to allow for different configurations, the image below shows only the rough massing- I wanted to make sure the design would work in 3d before I started building it (as anyone who uses it will know something designed in AutoCAD rarely looks the same when built, so I translated the 2D drawings into a 3D model). I've begun translating the CAD drawing into a nested cutting template for manufacture in plasticard. I've cheated with the Deffrolla and bought the GW kit

-Complete hull nesting
-transcribe cutting diagram onto plasticard (might use spray mount)
-Manufacture hull
-Design Killcannon turret module
-Design 'ard case 'battle bus' transport module
-Design open-top transport module with kilcannon sub-module
-Manufacture expansion modules
-Make everythin' Orky
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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