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Need some help with 1500pts list im planing to bring to a game.
Knight and tacticals will be pushing the line and predators will be advancing around it.
Libby with pfg and prescience will be hogging the armor and Knight providing 4++. We agreed for the Knight to have a rank of Seneschal.(+1ws,+1bs,3++)
I still have 100 points to spend on something.. I was thinking of taking techmarine and giving him pfg instead.
Any suggestions?
+++ bla bla (1025pts) +++
+++ 1125pt Dark Angels 6th Ed (FAQ April 2013) Roster (Primary Detachment)) +++


Dark Angels 6th Ed

+ HQ + (95pts)
* Librarian (95pts)
Power Field Generator
* Psyker
Level 1 (Mastery Level 1)
+ Elites + (235pts)
* Deathwing Knights (235pts)
+ Troops + (505pts)
* Tactical Squad (170pts)
, Plasma CannonPlasmagun
* Tactical Squad (170pts)
Plasma Cannon.Plasmagun
* Tactical Squad (165pts)
, Multi-Melta ,Plasmagun
+ Heavy Support + (190pts)
* Predator (95pts)
Autocannon, Heavy Bolters
* Predator (95pts)
Autocannon, Heavy Bolters

+ Knight Paladin 375 points

Created with BattleScribe (http://www.battlescribe.net)

Can a mod move this to space marine subsection?
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