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Been pondering more about the new ork decurion, one thing I've been looking at is Da green horde rule which gives hammer of wrath to units that successfully charge and enemy units.

So firstly its quite a good bonus rule, in comparison to the must charge over 10" to get the bonus.

This is the rule itself:

Da Green Horde: every unit with ten or more models in this detatchment, gains the Hammer of Wrath in any assult phase where it successfully charges a enemy unit. Note this does not matter if the units size is reduced below ten models during its charge (as a result of overwatch, dangerous terrain tests, etc.) So long as it successfully makes the charge.

Only thought unlike the other rules from the "green tide" detatchment where it specifically mentions only units with the 'Ere we go. The Green horde rule doesn't mention this, so new ultimate meta breaker, hammer of wrath gretchin!!!

But apart from that the uses for the other units such as burna boys or other such units for better assult capacities.

Am i correct on this rule or am i incorrect? In some fashion?
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