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Da golden waaagh!!!!

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Da golden waaagh shall serve as my continuing work on my ork bad moons and another orky projects that catch my fancy along the way.

This project was started late 2012 when i decided to repaint my then deathskulls into the more regal bad moons. So far progress is very slow. Shots below are what I've done in the year of 2015 during my time at university and increased free time. The Following list shows many of the models that i curently have RED shows Currently Painted models, will try to update as i go.

Warboss, Mega Armour
Mad Doc Grotsnik
Warboss; Power Klaw
Big Mek; KFF (May need to repaint for better skin and metal colors)
Warboss, big choppa

3 Gamesworkshop Mega Nobs
1 Khromlech Mega Nobs (Klaw and Kombi-Skorcha)
3 Khromlech Mega Nobs (Mostly power klaws and shootas)
~40 Nobs (Varity of loadouts)
Burnas (20)
Lootas (~12)
Boys (~80)
Boys (19+ nob), with Khromlech armored torsos
50 more boys with khromlech armored torsos
Gretchin mob (30); 3 runt herds
Dakka jets, 2 (Original + Black Flame)
Four Deffdreads (armed with a variety of weapons and so far the two of which are painted Rathalos Dread armed with a ravager blade and a dread with babel spear and nargacuga armor)
11 deffkopta rokkits
Three Battle Wagons (Varity of Loadouts, including kill cannon)
Two Battle Wagons (One painted the other almost completed)
Two Leman Russes /looted wagons

Two knight titans (to be looted titans)
Terrain (city ruins which come with the renagade box set and the battle for macragge set)

Here are some of the many images Ive got floating around of the DA GOLDEN WAAAGH!!!! Have been mainly posting to Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/Da-Golden-Waaagh-630659176948989/timeline/ ) under the Name DA GOLDEN WAAAGH, mainly due to a much easier phone upload system, but here is some of the work Ive been getting up to over 2015.

The second Dakka jet

Bit of a close up on the wing (as it was drying)

Mordiki the lucky stikk bearer

Converted Grosnik

And a shot of most of the painted models at the minute, including Warboss in mega armour, the new Mega nobs, grot snik, KFF mek, battlewagon and of course the last surviving Deathskull as a testimate to what came before DA GOLDEN WAAAGH!!!

Thats all so far any thoughts?


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Thanks. This is kinda my first attempt at directional lighting. Look again at the photos maybe on the painting competition did some changes of the chest peice but possibly more could be used. But as i said in the "models to detailed" ive found this one tricky there was so spots as with the GW models whoch lend themselves to spot colors or even alternative colors entirely.

Lighting could be an improvement. Didn't might think of that, the yellow is the highest but there should still be the red near the barrel.

As to the blood I've said before i like a cleaner ork but it could use a little more work I think. There is a little splattering on the arm you can only really see it on the shot from the flame side.

Thanks for the imput.
This evening started a little bit of the sculpting on the blade, needs a lot of work mainly filling/sandpaper to smooth out the molding. But so far little bit of progress.

Also have images that I hadn't uploaded up yet, so some final pics of the blade in assembly.

This photo is showing the molding of the stacked plastic to smooth it out more.

This final shot is showing a little sketch that i did to try explain what my scheme is. Green is going to be sculpted scale effects, grey is metalwork and the red is the shoulder plates Ive already removed off the model.

An thoughts?

Small update on the sculpting, just checked on it and it appears to be curing correctly, wasn't too sure due to thickness of much of the green stuff but appear to be working correctly.
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Heres a photo of the starting of the sculpting on the armour on the dread and finishing of the blade off, with their sculpting.

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Finished the modelling for the Rathalos Dreadnaught, will now hope that the image hosting works, having to go through “Tinypic” because of limits on forum photos.
Here are some more of the in progress shots.

Here’s the final shots before paint

Any thoughts?
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That is one 'uge choppa!
Its certainly different, and I find that most things look awesome when they're painted up. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. :good:
That is one 'uge choppa!
Its certainly different, and I find that most things look awesome when they're painted up. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. :good:
Pose isn't quite what i wanted but should be ok with a few licks of paint. The blade particularly looks a lot better with the base coat of black. Insted of the blue and green.
Got a little progress on the Rathalos dread, not much really just slapped some paint on it to show a little better what I'm doing, quite horrible but just a quick bit of painting that I'll upload to see opinions so far.

Any thoughts? Thinking to paint the blade as fully metal, instead of the multi-shade which the image has for the actual game. Apart from that coming up good so far lots more to go.
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Here are some more photos of the rathalos Dreadnaught conversion, these will be the final shots for the moment, probably will do more highlights but currently this is much as ill do. Though may convert up some gretchin to which will be armed with a skorcha and klaw to represent the weapons of the dread when i removed the additional weapons.

Any thoughts? How do you think it came up?
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Here's a little progress from the last couple of weeks with the few new units, namely my new two looted wagons both of which had some minor conversions and some not so minor conversions. As well as work on two squads of boys one who have khromlech heavy armor and one which have the standard boy loadout.

Some of the hard boys painted with the majority of the colors on the torsos and legs. Heads and arms are still a Work in progress

Any thoughts, been quite a while since that I've updated the progress of the Golden Waaagh if more interest is here check out the little page https://www.facebook.com/dagoldenwaaagh/ I update it more frequently with more photos, but will still slowly update here too.
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Any thoughts? How do you think it came up?
Wooohooooowhooowow. Badass!

Any thoughts, been quite a while since that I've updated the progress of the Golden Waaagh
The colour combination works quite well I think. I like the looted wagons especially!
It's funny, the WIP head makes me realise how big a difference those details like tusks and facial shadows actually make!

Keen for more updates on here too. I personally suspect the rise of Facebook for gaming social pages is what is actually killing this site...
Your not wrong about facebook killing the old forums, for me personally I still prefer, the forum atmosphere but uploading photos is so much easier. Its take the photo, click and upload.

With the forum particularly that ive somehow maxed out the drop box built into the site, its transfer to the computer, load up tinypic, upload one by one, copy paste the URLs directly and finally post with images.

Will still do it but don't really have the effort to do it every evening after a little 5 minute paint job.

Though if the abouve link works I can upload via tapatalk...

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Little more work (and second test of mobile uploads from tapatalk). Not much to show mainly another test, but now its the heads and a little tidying till the first squad of the repaint is done.

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Nice stuff! Now put them in a trukk and go stomp some 'umies!
Heres the squad of boys, all armored with the khromlech armored torso's. Basically done probably more work needed on the skin particularly. But for now they are tabletop standard.

Sorry about the photos, exposure may be off, not to sure why they are so dark.

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Hahaha nice work, I love how Ork Boyz are so characterful for what are essentially meatshields for the heavy hitters... until they get to charging range, anyway...
Very nice work on the boyz. They look like good and proppa bullet catchers.
Back again with a re-uploaded photos with a bit better lighting. Hopefully looks better than the previous upload.

Heres a little preview of the next few projects, a new Wazbom Blastjet and 50 more boys who will be soon equipped with some more khromlech armored torsos.

Any thoughts?

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That new jet looks like it will be a blast (pun...slightly... intended) to paint, and I hurt in my brain thinking about painting 50 yellow orks... but I am really looking forward to seeing how you go!
Well that is going to bring my ork boy count to around 130 all which are not painted since me starting the repaint.

But saying that loved the armored torsos so much i ordered a bunch more and 5 more boxes of boys to match. Planning to use them as the bulk of the army either as hard boys or not.

Certainly a project really should stop getting ideas and buying so many models.... oh well love this game just need to paint more.

As to the blast jet lots of scheming going on there.

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New lamp and new setup for the photo booth works a lot better. Particularly with the entire squad. Certainly will help with photography from now.

Also a better lamp will also help with painting insted of the ceiling lights which are behind me.

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