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Da golden waaagh!!!!

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Da golden waaagh shall serve as my continuing work on my ork bad moons and another orky projects that catch my fancy along the way.

This project was started late 2012 when i decided to repaint my then deathskulls into the more regal bad moons. So far progress is very slow. Shots below are what I've done in the year of 2015 during my time at university and increased free time. The Following list shows many of the models that i curently have RED shows Currently Painted models, will try to update as i go.

Warboss, Mega Armour
Mad Doc Grotsnik
Warboss; Power Klaw
Big Mek; KFF (May need to repaint for better skin and metal colors)
Warboss, big choppa

3 Gamesworkshop Mega Nobs
1 Khromlech Mega Nobs (Klaw and Kombi-Skorcha)
3 Khromlech Mega Nobs (Mostly power klaws and shootas)
~40 Nobs (Varity of loadouts)
Burnas (20)
Lootas (~12)
Boys (~80)
Boys (19+ nob), with Khromlech armored torsos
50 more boys with khromlech armored torsos
Gretchin mob (30); 3 runt herds
Dakka jets, 2 (Original + Black Flame)
Four Deffdreads (armed with a variety of weapons and so far the two of which are painted Rathalos Dread armed with a ravager blade and a dread with babel spear and nargacuga armor)
11 deffkopta rokkits
Three Battle Wagons (Varity of Loadouts, including kill cannon)
Two Battle Wagons (One painted the other almost completed)
Two Leman Russes /looted wagons

Two knight titans (to be looted titans)
Terrain (city ruins which come with the renagade box set and the battle for macragge set)

Here are some of the many images Ive got floating around of the DA GOLDEN WAAAGH!!!! Have been mainly posting to Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/Da-Golden-Waaagh-630659176948989/timeline/ ) under the Name DA GOLDEN WAAAGH, mainly due to a much easier phone upload system, but here is some of the work Ive been getting up to over 2015.

The second Dakka jet

Bit of a close up on the wing (as it was drying)

Mordiki the lucky stikk bearer

Converted Grosnik

And a shot of most of the painted models at the minute, including Warboss in mega armour, the new Mega nobs, grot snik, KFF mek, battlewagon and of course the last surviving Deathskull as a testimate to what came before DA GOLDEN WAAAGH!!!

Thats all so far any thoughts?


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This is a nice Waaagh! I like the yellows - the paint is smooth and this is a difficult color to pull off.
I would have to agree on models being to 'clean' for orkz (but it just might be, I weather heavily my orkz).
One thing that bugs me just a little bit is the chipping you have on the Mega Nobz and DakkaJet - it would look so much better if you would add a black background before painting metal chipping.
You have chosen probably most difficult colors yellow and black (white is really close) and it looks great!

As to the comments for the colors being too clean, this is basically my preference for this army and also proably a bit of an over reaction from the last ork army that i had (metals were basically orange with rust effects that they had) might post a shot of the dakka jet in that scheme later or you can look to the "Death skulls boss", certainly didn't look as cool as these.
It does look cool, and in the end it is up to you and your vision how your army should look like - sticktoittivness :p

As to the black backround, i find a better effect on yellow with white backround
Sorry I did not catch white background on the photos, I still prefer black for more contrast - but again if you like white more go with white :D

Again good job on the models and keep the coming

1 - 2 of 119 Posts
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