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Da Deffwingz; my Imperial orks

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Yep, this is my excuse to ally my orks with my guardsmen :biggrin:

Anyway... some of you may have already seen Kommanda O'Sullivan here (my warboss)

Here's Big Mac (my Big Mek)

Here's a nob, a big shoota, and some boyz:

And finally, my trukk (a looted Rhino/ Immolator. If you look closely, you can see the weld line where the "two" tanks meet)

When I bought the Exorcist for the pipe organ (for my guard), I still had an immolator left over. From that, I made the Trukk.

Anyway, what do you think? Comments are appreciated.
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Really awesome idea, but being a SoB player i hate seeing an Immolater put to death, but still really sweet job.
but being a SoB player i hate seeing an Immolater put to death
lol, ya, I've gotten that response a couple times from people at my GW.:laugh:

Anyway, I can't believe I forgot these guys! here's Kernal Klaw and his other Meganob buddies:

Lootas coming soon!
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I absolutely love them all. Good job mate, have some rep!
I like the warboss (having been a tau player, i can appreciate it more now that I play orks....)

Waaagh! for the emperor? Den dat mean no Waaagh Tuska-fun...:shok:
Nice stuff,
I always used to love the old style Blood Axes with thier fascination for all things Imperial so its nice to see that sort of thing again.

Good job on the cut n shut rhino as well.
Yes, Great idea, Great paint job, and Very well executed! Keep 'em Coming!


Nice work on all of it but what really stands out to me is the rhino. I just love the fact that it is painted in different colours as is really shows off the Ork way of looting enemy vehicles. Great stuff.
I love the hats!:eek:k: I'll have to reference them later for a few "looted" ideas for my green skins:wink:
Here's another nob and "big shoota" ('eavy bolta?) with a couple more boyz:

Here's some of the Lootas I promised:

And some more (I apologize, these one's aren't painted yet...)

And at last, My Earthshaker Lootas! These guys give the term "heavy weapon team" a whole new meaning... :laugh:

Anyway, thanks for the comments so far! I really appreciate them!
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Lol!!! That Earthshaka is hysterical. I love the eyes on the Ork with the big ass gun barrel on his back, just sweet.
great army. the earth shaker is pricless.
great kit bashing man! I always loved those old style orks with the commisar hats! These look like alot of fun to play against!
Against? They're fun to play with too! :laugh:

Anyway, I finally got all the bitz I was waiting for from eBay, so I decided to build my battlewagon and get pics up here ASAP!

So, without further ado, my Battlewagon:

As always, C&C are appreciated!
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Well, I've now finished painting my Battlewagon!

And, I gave my Warboss a new gun. The old one was just too small, not killy enough, and was actually just a pair of antennas. :laugh:

I've also decided that this guy needs an Attack Squig, so expect a "Chainsaw Drone" sometime in the near future.

Oh yes, and thanks for all the comments thus far everyone!
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This thread is in my sig, so I'm keeping it updated!

Anyway, here's my new (old) Big Mek w/ a Shokk Attack gun:

And here's my warboss with his new attack "squig:"

My next project will be a Chimera to Trukk conversion, so stay tuned!

As always, C&C are appreciated.
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Wow this takes me back to the days I used to have my Bloodaxe Blitzkrieg army. it was all Orcs converted with lasguns and IG gear and used the IG rules. I loved them and played in two GTs with them (even got some shots into the White Dwarf!). Alas, I sold them...::sigh:: Still look at the pics of them from time to time.

Love this army, great ideas.

"Fer Da Empura!!!!"
:we're not worthy emoticon:

They're both awesome and hilarious at the same time. If my orcs were a tenth as good as this, I'd be very happy with them (the painting, but also the conversion work).

Thank you for sharing your (twisted!) genius with us... I really do feel priviliged to have seen these.

:feverishly working out how many ideas he can loot cyclops:
if you need any help with how to do that chimera, i can give a few tips and pointers.

but anyway, these guys are ingenius, and i love the warboss with battlesuit and chainsaw drone, infact i might steal that idea, its a bloody cheap way ov makin a attack squiq
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