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Da Deaf Skulls

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So before I start anything in this project log I must give thanks where it is due. A sincere heart felt thanks goes out to JustindKates for taking all of the pictures for this project log. This man does some seriously amazing work with a camera and a lens and is the only reason this log is possible. If you like to see some of his miniature work check out his project log titled Raven Guard pic heavy or something like that.

If you'd like to see some of his photo talent then go check out his book Sanguis Vitam Est translated into English (A Vampire book for all those sick and tired of the pansy vampires that hollywood has plastered world wide thanks to Twilight and those who love to see Playboy models gone Vamp). Seriously go check it out you won't be disappointed. Alright shameless plug over now onto the project log.
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Wait, skulls with a hearing problem?


Still, very nice army! +rep
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