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Cypher the awesome fallen angel

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Cypher has some awesome fluff and a wicked model so i have to wonder is he still legal to use and where can i find his stats.
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i honestly think he is going to kill the emperor he is going to plunge that sword throught the emperors shrivled heart. then who will mankind have, you know what i just thought of why dont hey just clone the emperor and inject the clone with every single gene seed from all the primarchs. wouldnt it make some huge bad ass ruler.

.....OR a a dead thing, or a mutant monster that would procede to pyschically and physically rape terra, or god knows what else.

On topic, I would use him in friend games, you could always just scribd that issue of WD to try and find his rules, I wouldnt have a problem, as somone said DE are older than his rules :p
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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