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Hi, I thought I'd stick my next list up - Apart from the archon, the dark elder stuff isn't built yet so I'm looking for build advice on that as well. If there's anything I can make changes to improve it's effectiveness I'd appreciate it.

The original idea was to run the harlies and the seer council in raiders but now they'll have to start on the table and then get in.

The Archon and the Autarch join the seer council giving them a 2++ to tank with (hopefully fortuned) and the ability to ignore overwatch. One farseer is rolling on telepathy to get psychic shriek and maybe invisibility, the other is rolling on runes of fate or whatever it's called and hoping for fortune/mind war/eldritch storm.
Using the archon and keeping the harlequins close should give me a -4 leadership mod which will make psychic shriek that much nastier...

The hemlock is taking the primaris for telepathy and runes of battle - psychic shriek and shrouding should be fun (as well and the heavy d-scythes) and arriving on a 2+ if I want because of the autarch.

The rangers sit on objectives, the kabalites go forwards to try to contest objectives, the 6 dark lances from the kabalites/raiders concentrate on knocking out vehicles and the wraithguard were an after thought - the spiritseer is going with them and also rolling on telepathy.

What does the spirtseer re-roll for wraith within however many inches do for the hemlock?

But anyway, here's the list. Any and all advice will be appreciated

Eldar Cad

Reaper Launcher
Power Weapon
Banshee mask


5 x Rangers

5 x Rangers

5 Wraithguard – D-cannons

Hemlock Wraithfighter

Dark Eldar Cad

Soul trap
The Armour of Misery

10 Kabalite Warriors
Dark Lance

Dark Lance
Splinter Racks

10 Kabalite Warriors
Dark lance

Splinter Racks

Dark Lance

Dark Lance

Harlequin Formation
Cast of Players

4 x Harlequins with Harlequins Caresss
Troupe Master
Mask of Secrets
Death Jester

Codex Eldar formation
Seer Council
Farseer – spirit stone of anathlan
Farseer – singing spear
5 x Warlocks
2 x Singing Spear

Thanks in advance :)
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