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Lord Choices:

Level 2 with Mark of Tzeentch
BSB with sword of swift slaying

Around 20 Chaos Trolls

4x10 Chosen
One with book of secrets, one with eye of the gods, one with helm of many eyes.

Warshrine x2

This is an approximation, the idea of this list is to tap into the blessings of the gods....Valkia gives every eye of the gods table result a re-roll.

With 4 chosen and 2 warshrines that's a lot of buffed up units...the trolls will be getting frequent rolls on the eye of the gods table too, with re-rolls again I can guarantee favourable benefits for them...:D.

This army is a scary concept to face as a lot of it will end up with ward saves, stubborn and toughness increases. Valkia herself is no slouch in combat, dishing out serious pain at S7 armour piercing she will even knock down dragons in a round...

In my local enviro most armies are elite, so WS6 actually helps in combat, think high elves, dwarves, other chaos and lizards. So for most of them they're worth it.
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